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  1. would love to hear about your experience and the vendors you are using. Also, what decorations/lighting the hotel is providing. Here are the ones I am considering: Hair & Makeup - Suzanne Morel or Neysa DJ - Ron Weber (aka FunkleRon) or Mijares or Fradal Photographer - Mango or Enrique Morales Videographer - I am flying in. Thanks! Sheetal
  2. STUNNING! You LOOK soooo happy! The video was amazing!!
  3. Thank you so much for the recommendation!!
  4. We wanted to do end of october due to hotel room prices but the best dates sell out fast. My recommendation would be ot figure out what your priority is: date or price and then use that to narrow down the other and a destination.
  5. Does anyone know where I could find a message in a bottle animation/graphic that I could send over in an email to my guests? I've been looking all over and spent hours and hours looking for it. Can't believe something so simple is so hard to find. Please help!! Thank you!!
  6. Hello Fellow Dec Brides, I am getting married 12/8/12 at DREAMS CABO San Lucas!!! I haven't sent out my STD or my invites yet. I am a bit stressed!! What timeline would you suggest? At this point, I'm thinking of doing just an electronic STD. Does anyone know how to do this or where I can purchase this already made? Thanks a million!
  7. I went with DREAMS they seem to have their act together. RIU was very unresponsive for us.
  8. I got a TA - Teresa from vacations to go is great so far. I would work with her.
  9. Any recommendations for combined packages? I hear combined is better than separate. What has your experience been?
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