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  1. They are awesome! Good job! They look very expensive and better than many invitations I have seen. jess
  2. jesswins

    severe stomach cramps

    I have had something similar happen to me. It happens only every once and a while but it is intense. I feel as though I have eaten some sort of "parasite" or something my body does not agree with. The last time I had it I had won ton soup. I think there was too much oil in it or something. But I know the feeling it feels as if you have to go to the ER because of sharp pains, hot flashes. I think I need to be more conscious if what I eat and these episodes are my body telling me to eat better. Jess
  3. jesswins

    Videographer Recommendations?

    I am using Sam Perches however I am a bit worried as he does not require a deposit or contract, my DJ didn't need one either. Some say this is how most business is done in Cabo but having a contract brings more security. However both were highly recommended so I will hope for the best. jess
  4. jesswins

    Fireworks anyone?

    I think in Los Cabos its a bit more. I want to say about $900 -$1300. I think I saw a post here about it or maybe Mariana at Dreams sent me an email. I will check. Jess
  5. Fortunately I have a very generous uncle who is paying for my wedding. My uncle raised me from 13 on and has been there for me since then. He has no children of his own and I am like a daughter to him and because my parents are unable to help and I just finished getting my masters he offered to pay which I am very thinkful for. I am even more thankful after reading how many of you are paying for the wedding yourselves. He's the one that suggested I get married in Cabo. He took me there for spring break while I was in high school and I have loved Cabo since then. Jess
  6. I am going through something similar. I think people aren't used to a DW and they dont understand it. A DW makes sense for me because more than 3/4 of our guests would be traveling either way however they are still making comments about traveling. The bottom line is its your wedding regardless where you have it. jess
  7. jesswins

    Need to Vent

    I think its just an excuse and that even if it were in L.A. they wouldn't come because they were out here last year for my FSIL's wedding. This way its on us for having a DW not them for not coming. I am so happy that I have this place to vent about these things as others may not understand as you all do. Thanks, Jess
  8. jesswins

    Need to Vent

    Thanks everyone. I think some people just want to complain. jess
  9. jesswins

    Need to Vent

    Thanks, I know they don't mean to be insensitive but I am a very sensitive person so statements like these really irriate me especially since they manke no sense. Oh well if they don't come they will be missing out! jess
  10. jesswins

    Legal vs. Church Wedding

    I was thinking along the same lines as you. My FI is Catholic and I was thinking of having my uncle legally marry us then having our wedding blessed by my FMIL's priest. I don't think it is too much. jess
  11. jesswins

    Need to Vent

    So its been a while since I have been on here. I either get very obsessed with something or I am very lazy about it. Anyway..... My FMIL just got back from Ireland, my FI was born there and moved here when he was 5. My FI has a huge family in Ireland on both his father's side and his mothers side. Last year many of them came from Ireland to L.A. for his sisters wedding. Now my FMIL has said things to me like well I don't know if the family will go "all the way to Mexico" for the wedding. She just got back from Ireland yesterday and told me everyone is so happy for us but wondered why we were having the wedding in Mexico and that its was too far away. Excuse me its a two hour flight from L.A. . You're telling me they can fly all the way to L.A. from Ireland but not fly an extra 2 hours, Give me a Break!!!! It makes no sense whatsoever!!! It irritated me because I know some people think a DW is different and some don;t understand it. More than 3/4 of our guests live outside of L.A. so regardless of where our wedding was they would need to travel. Thanks for letting me vent as I know you will all understand. jess
  12. jesswins

    Jennifer & Keith wedding slideshow

    Beautiful! Those kids are gorgeous! jess
  13. jesswins

    New Los Cabos Bride! Hello everyone!

    Congratulations! This website is awesome. Its a great place to share ideas and has definitely inspired me and helped with my wedding plans. All the brides are helpful and generous with their advice and input. Good Luck planning! jess
  14. I am going to have 5 on my side and my FI may have up to 8-9. That's not including my brother or his half brothers. My FI is loved by all of his friends and he is too nice. He wants to ask the guys whose weddings hes been in and his other close friends. I don't care what it looks like either, thats not the point. He says if they all come to the wedding he will have them all be groomsmen. He has only officially asked two to be in the wedding. I was surprised that even a few guys just assumed they would be in th wedding and made statements like "i finally get to be a groomsmen" Statements like these are what is increasing the number on his side. I say he makes a decision and sticks to it. jess