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So I saw instructions on how to make your text go in a circle for word, but how do you do it on powerpoint?

I'm so frustrated with trying to make this logo that it will probly not include any clipart. hahah!

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I have long way to go on getting up to 150 points to view and download some files to help me with creating a monogram. I am trying to figure it out on ppt myself but not having too much success. I so want to make one that is like the many cute and creative monograms. I wish I could get points just for signing in every day. I am still at the stage of reading and learning more from all you ladies; I am so overwhelmed with all the info on here. So much to learn!

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cogswellgray (to make your text go around in a circle): If you have 2007 Powerpoint, go to Text Effects, under FOrmat, and choose "Transform" - there should be some layouts available to you on how to create words in a circle.


Or you can go to the Word Art function (that also exists in Word), and mess around with that function.


Hope this helps a bit!

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