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  1. Thank you so much Stephanie!! Your pics were amazing & I can't tell you how much I appreciate your info!!
  2. I have seen many pics of brides in front of really cute painted buildings in San Jose Del Cabo. We are bringing our own photographer & are unfamiliar with the area so I was wondering if anyone could give me specific names of these beautiful restaraunts or buildings. We are staying at the Riu, so we will probably have to take a taxi...is it really expensive to get to San Jose by taxi? Does anyone know of any cute places like this closer to the Riu? Any suggestions on sites or transportation would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
  3. OMG!! I was looking for this exact dress several months ago for my daughter, but unfortunately it's too late now...her wedding is next week. I'm sure you'll find a buyer though...its a beautiful dress!! Good luck!!
  4. I'm just bumping this thread because I can't seem to find any recent info about Arturo & Translobo. I'm looking for roundtrip transportation from the Riu Santa Fe to the wedding at Sunset da Mona Lisa. I've also gotten info from Luis at Bajawild...has anyone used him before? Any info about transportation would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  5. How deep would you say the water would be where they drop you off? Knee, hip, waist or chest deep?
  6. I've heard that the water taxi does not go all the way to the beach...how do you keep the dress from getting wet?
  7. Does anyone know if Verizon has coverage in Cabo? I have a family plan, so if I get coverage on all the phones & I want to call my daughter (also in Cabo) how would I dial? Would I have to use the 0 52 11, or just dial the normal area code? And would I have to use that same 05211 if I made local Mexican calls to vendors?
  8. There a lots of people anxiously awaiting your review!! Have a wonderful time!!
  9. My daughter is getting married at the SDML in June & I would be happy to send you their 2010 pricing info...unfortunately I don't know how to post on here. Emma, who was the sales manager for a long time, has left...the new person is David.
  10. For anyone familiar with the Riu Santa Fe...do you think it's necessary to hire a bartender for a private reception on the English Patio? I was told there was a bar very close by, but wanted some reassurance. Also, could you tell me what they charged for bartending service. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  11. This is very helpful...thanks for sharing
  12. Amazing!!! I'm sure your guests appreciated all the work that you did!! Congrats!!
  13. I really like your cups, but my daughter's wedding is in Cabo. Could you please tell me where you got them though? Thanks!!
  14. We are considering a dinner cruise & wanted to bump this thread to get some more recent opinions. Please share your experience with Sunrider or any other private dinner cruises. We are expecting 25-35 people. Thanks!!
  15. Everything is beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing...Congrats!!!!
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