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  1. Dont know if youve found your dress but if your on a tight budget .... found this knock off of the maggie dress... wedding dress (HS9667)-wedding dress,prom gown and bridesmaid dress by landy bridal
  2. I bought these cups with a couple of other girls but am not longer getting married so my loss is your gain. I think we paid a little more than $1 a cup but thats what ill give them to you for. I will split them up or you can buy the whole set. There are 18 purple, 20 red, 18 orange, 18 green, 23 pink/ fushia, 17 blue. Not sure how much shipping is but can let you know. Picasa Web Albums - Courtney - BDW
  3. Here are our babies!!! Loving all of them .... keep em coming !!!
  4. Sorry to hear about your current dress situation and now your house but I was bored just cruising the internet and found these you might try.. didnt know what all you were looking for in the design just went off of the one from angelas style #... hope you find "the one!"... just keep looking... i know easier said than done. David's Bridal - Allover lace A-line with ruched bust and beaded empire waist. Alfred Angelo... Find the perfect Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Prom Dress, Flower Girl Dress or Mother of the Bride Dress at Alfred Angelo. Alfred Angelo... Find the perfe
  5. Thanks girls, me too.... I havent been on in a while... andi can you email me I lost your stuff and need some info... hope everyone has a great week... PS: Congrats Kati and Lauren
  6. I bought this dress on this forum, but i havent lost enough weight to fit into it.... it doesnt look like yours just make an offer if you are interested (or anyone else) ... just let me know if you want it.... Picasa Web Albums - Courtney - craigslist misc
  7. I love the 1st one and it goes with the DW... but its all a preference!!! Good luck and you look beautiful
  8. Thanks girls for the comments!!! We actually shot up in Denton at TWU because thats where we went to school. We've booked her for our wedding in LC and got a great deal. I would be happy to pass on her info if anybody needs it.
  9. to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
  10. to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
  11. Morton-Woods


    to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
  12. to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
  13. to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
  14. to the forum! Happy planning and congrats!
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