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  1. whats up Nicy? you ok? Â My Husband had a Navy Suit and White shirt for the wedding. he was DETIRMED to wear the Jacket, wouldn't hear anything about it. on the day, not a jacket to be seen! it's just too hot! the ushers/dads had Navy Trousers and short sleeved shirts. they melted too! it's just so hot (although, we made a boo boo and bought lined trousers! haha! doh!)
  2. Morning girls  everyone ok today? i am going to attempt to post my review today. does anyone know how many photo's you can post per post? i am preparing it in word, with links, then will copy and paste! x
  3. Hey! It was soooooooo fabulous! i promise to get my review up soon, it's so huge!! xx
  4. that is soooooooooooooooooooo bad! how appalling. i really would recommend people book their holidays through a TA, but the wedding direct with the hotel, you have so much more control! Â great minds on the music! Â fab news on the dress! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Â as for the wedding time, is there a reason you want 3pm not 4pm? 4pm will be cooler (slightly!) Â hahahahahahahaha! that made me snort! Â
  5. Hey  i must say i never found the heat a problem with my hair at all. i bought GHD's from the states so they'd get hot, and i had a 'shine and anti humidity' spray from KMS that i used. every night my hair 'pretty much' stayed straight! my mum on the other hand looked like diana ross! i guess it just depends on your hair. i have fine, thin hair and it was fine. if you have a lot of hair it might be a different story!!  I found song choices the HARDEST part of the whole wedding planning! they set the mood of your ceremony and are very important. don't rush the decision, take your time and listen to the words. we had  Bridesmaids entrace - Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamajkhgasifhaifhaghe'ole! it was beautiful, so perfect, everyone cried! haha!  My entrance with my parents - Here, There and Everywhere by The Beatles, but a steel drum version  Signing the Register - Heaven by DJ Sammy, the chilled one. so lovely!  The Kiss/You are now Husband and Wife - At Last by Eta James  Walking out/Confetti throw - God Only Knows by The Beach Boys  First Dance - Songbird by Eva Cassidy  Second Dance - By Your Side - Sade  Â
  6. the MOH dress was from coast, but she got it from lightinthebox (i think) and it was only £60! it was soooooooo gorgeous on, she looked like a film star!
  7. the AHR was just amazing! the pro pics should be here next week, but i have some of my friends pics, i'll post them tonight! Â xx
  8. Love love love your pens and luggage tags, how fabulous!!! it's going to be great! you really should become a vendor! x
  9. Â Are you getting married at The Moon Palace? I would just say in an email to your WC that you have a guest coming on the day of the wedding, staying one night, but you want them to be there from say 11am on the day, but they don't need thier room until 3pm (or something along those lines) and they will be fine. don't mention anything about them being a photographer, they're just one of your guests. it'll be fine and dandy one night is PLENTY! Â I did! he was great, i would recommend. i only used him for buttonholes, corsages and confetti but it was perfect! and 30% of the cost of the MP!! GO EXTERNAL!! x Â
  10. here's some pics xx  my flowergirls Amber, Tabby and Eleanor, my pageboy Eddie and my MOH Janine  walking down the steps to the beach aisle   Mummy and Daddy walking me down the steps to the aisle  being walked down the aisle to my man!  me and my husband!  thumb prints on the registar  thumbs up!    our sand ceremony  The Ceremony  Confetti time!   smooooooching!   The whole crew   Romantic (cheesey!) on the beach  my brother's wife Sarah, Andy my husband, me and my little brother Paul, at the roof top bar for our drinks and first dances  cigar time!!
  11.  Thank you!  Hair - well. in the heat, outside, it just doesn't last. no matter what. i used everythign i could, but if fell out within about 1 hour. i put it up for the reception because 1. it was getting a bit limp and 2. i was sweating to death! haha! are you having your hair down? my advice is to hairspray it before you curl it, and after! but have a contingency plan to put it up later. i did pop back to the room at one point for another curl up, but again, it didn't last long!!  OMG that bag is sooooo beautiful, and what a bargain!! i didn't have a bag on the day (I gave everything to my mum, she had a huge beach bag full of things, including flat shoes for us to change into, make up bag etc etc) but i had a bag on Sunday at our AHR, and just had a lippy, some breath spray (lots of kissing people!) and some perfume in it! it's gorgeous!  they are SOOOOOOOOO lovely! are they fake? they are gorge! you should sell them! i would of definitely bought some!!   Yeah, i invested in some really good stuff. i bought mine from SpaceNK, it's Laura Mercier and it lasts and lasts and lasts! but you can get cheaper alternatives. i advice you going into a big department store and being done up by the counters and seeing what you like  have you tried those 'blotter' sheets for your chin? they're good!  it is, she's soooooooo great (laura) tell her i recommended her (louise woods, now pask!) she will make things to your design, she was brilliant!  Thank you!!     weird! i'll post a few more at the bottom of this thread  Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 "Oh Nicky thats really sweet of you yes please,but where do i put it lol" Girls. i have one! i am happy to start off the passing it along thing? i put mine in my bra! hahaha! cause i didn't have time to think abotu it really!  they are both gorgeous. and there is no such thing as 'too bling'!!  got your email, i'll reply now  Quote: Originally Posted by *lyndsey* roo you deserve a medal! I agree with michelle, get yourself a glass of wine at the earliest opportunity x I agree 100% Roo you need wine! you poor thing!  Fans are SUCH a good idea! buy fans girls!!   I'll post a few more pics, i am 'nearly' finished on my review, it's fooking huge! will hopefully post today/tomorrow!  Â
  12. I think you could be right about the heat - I was there in June (Grand Mayan, Mayan Riviera) and it was bloody hot then! We had a number of days with rain as tropical storm Alex hit while we were out there. Did you get any rain? Maybe a gazebo would be better -we have some oldies in our group hence we are going to Mexico instead of Thailand (We were trying to find a venue half way between NZ and UK) and Im a bit worried aboutthem standing round in the heat. We are looking to get married Saturday 6th August, which I believe is about a year and 1 week after you So how did you book yours then? I think we are going to invite 50 but I know what its like, probably 25 of them will turn up which is just fine by us. I just think they are all talking about staying in other resorts or moving about and I feel really confused and not comfortable with saying Oi! You have to stay here and you have to book it like this! LOL I'm a bit of a panicker and my friends keep telling me I have to stop thinking of everyone else How did your flowers turn out? Who did your pictures? Thanks for this, I really hope you wont mind me bombarding you with questions for the next few months at least! Cant wait to see your report I would go for the Gazebo. honestly it's still very beautiful, and in your photo's you'll still see the beach and sea behind you, but it will be so much more comfortable for everyone involved!! the first day it rained ALL day, constantly! we were like 'uh oh' but it was totally fine after that! the day before the wedding it rained for about 1 hour, that's it! We booked ours through a travel agents, but we just said to people 'this is the date, this is the venue, you have to stay at The Moon Palace for at least THAT night but go ahead and do what you want' and they did just that! we were lucky, we had 31 stay at The Moon Palace, and my Brother and his Wife booked to stay at The MP just the night of the wedding. we had two guests stay elsewhere and we booked them day passes for the day. In hindsight I would of spoken to our TA and asked them to sort out a group contract. i don't really know how they work tbh, but the benefits you get, it's worth it. speak to the people you KNOW are going to book and ask them what they want to do. they can always stay somewhere for say 5 nights, and then one or two nights at The Moon Palace if they don't want to spend too much money. the 'only' problem with that is, for our guests that did that, when they moved back to other hotels they wanted to come back to the MP! haha! but the free private events thing is worth trying to get What package are you doing at MP? i went complimentary and my bouquet was gorgeous! really lovely! the other flowers we got from Marvin at Maya Diseno Floral marvin@mayadisenofloral.com.mx who was fab. we had no probs with external vendor and it was 66% cheaper than the MP!! we had a friend in our party who took lots of photos, but we hired David Pena from The Moon Palace and he was good. nothing spectacular, but i'm glad we got some pro ones. if you have the budget, i would advise going external, but if you dont or if you're like me and not too worried about the pics, resort photographers are fine! our DVD is soooooooooooooooooo brilliant! if you can only do one, do the DVD!! ask away, i love to talk about it and im bored at work! xxxx
  13. i've uploaded these to the UK brides thread:   I now pronounce you, husband and wife!  the whole crew  me, my husband (aww) and my brother and his wife on the rooftop bar (where we had drinks, and our first dance)  cigar time!   i'm working on my review, it's absolutely huge!! any questions though, fire away! x
  14. ok, a few things i found  1. the beach wedding is gorgeous, so pleased we did it. But it's HOT!!! really hot!!! some of the gazebo's are air conditioned and that might be a smarter move!! The Catholic Chapel (where they were going to move us to if the weather was bad) is the best i think, beautiful views and glass walls so it stays cool! If you deffo want to go for a beach wedding, pay extra for some umbrella's for people! and after the wedding when you have pics, have an umbrella set up to the side (with some cold water) for you both to run under inbetween pics!  2. I WISH I had set up a group contract. why don't you speak to some travel agents about it? you don't have to book directly with the MP then, but it's definitely best to book as a group. I know it's not as convenient as doing 'as you go' but honestly, it's worth it. how many people do you think you'll have going? when you have a certain number of room nights etc you get free events. it's sooooooooooo worth it. that's the only regret i have from the entire process!  fire away with questions! i'm bored at work! xxxx
  15. oh p.s. the photo thing, i was there when the WC's received the emails about the photography, i think the prices are going up i'm afraid. all the WC's were so angry/upset but there's nothing they can do about it. i'm not sure as of when they go up, and how much by, i guess they're trying to negotiate before they release costs.
  16. how many people do you have going? I had 33 guests (5 kids) and i ordered 15 'cones' of confetti (from an external vendor) and that was fine! Â Having just got married at the MP, i really feel like you shouldn't worry! they don't reply to you quickly because they are dealing with weddings that are now, when you get there you'll be pleased that they're focussing fully on you and not on people that are getting married weeks in the future, i assure you! Â what is it you need from your WC exactly? when do you get married? Â i had similar delays, so in the end i did a word document and emailed it, it had details of EVERYTHING i wanted (not asked for, wanted) and i emailed it. Kalena reponded about a month later confirming it all. sorted!
  17. yeah no probs! i did a bit of a touch up about 10pm but nothing major! Â go for mineral primer and mineral foundation! best stuff EVER!
  18. Thanks honey! my hair stayed curled for approx 20 minutes!! the heat doesn't let anything last!!! i had to tie it up in the end cause my GOD it was hot!!!
  19. Thanks Honey! will do the review next week! i've already started it, it's going to be fooking huge!!  more or less, i was gone 3 weeks!!! review on it's way, i'll post a few pics and a summary in a mo!  Thanks honeypie!  haha! I'm on it!  as for mouchtaches, go to a fancy dress shop! you can get about 10 for about £2.99! we have some for our AHR this Sunday as we have a photo studio set up! fab!  Hi Mel, ask away! email me if you want Louise.Pask@ca-cib.com (my married name! oooh!) you will LOVE the MP! love it!  thanks hon!  you go through it all with your WC a few days before the wedding. if you have vows you want let her know before hand. i can go into more detail but im a wee bit busy at the mo, but i'll talk you through it  so cute! anyone that's thinking of personalised shot glasses .... DO IT!! in the end i bought shot glasses out there and they cost me about £50 for 35 and they were just plain 'cancun' ones! if you have the luggage space, and you can pack them so they won't break, do it!!!  here's a couple  I now pronounce you, husband and wife!  the whole crew  me, my husband (aww) and my brother and his wife on the rooftop bar (where we had drinks, and our first dance)  cigar time! Â
  20. Katrina, where were you married? i've just come back from the MP and used the free package, i would advise everyone to do the same! you can as much or as little as you want to it! do it!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by janapana OOOOOHHHHH also, is it Louise´s wedding today, she was 30th july wasn´t she? HAPPY WEDDING DAY LOUISE!!!!! Hey Ladies i'm BACK!!! thank you so much for remembering me!! we had just the most AMAZING time! it was so fabulous! it was frigging hot! really really hot! i will do a report next week! missed you all! how are your plans going? what happened to the site?! x
  22. for the visa thing, it's just the advanced passanger information you need to do. your TA will give you details and you just have to email your passport details. it's painless and takes seconds. for documentation all i've done is have our birth certificates appolstilled. that's all we need (and i've heard you don't even need that). i'll let you know if there's anything else. i just had a presentation at work. the girls came over with a trolly with 5 bottles of champagne and lots of nibbles, all my friends at work came over for a glass or two. they got us £100 in mexican pesos, a zorbing experience from our gift list and a Bath spa and afternoon experience from our gift list! we're SOOOOOOOOO lucky!! had a lovely afternoon! now we're all off to a local champagne bar for more drinks! i won't be on as much now girls, as im not at work any more! but i will pop on! have fun with the planning and i'll let you know how Mexico and the Wedding goes!!!! it's so real and so exciting! thanks for all your support and i'll speak soon!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  23. apparently getting out there with extra weight isn't too bad, it's getting back, they are really strict also remember you have about £30 per person to pay on your way home in departure tax xx
  24. haha! cute isn't it? so far today i've had a gorgeous photo frame, a 'home sweet home' thing to hang on the wall and a bottle of bubbly! more to come too! WAHOOO! i have a few things, beaticians/hairdressers, i need to pack, i need to confirm the catamaran trip, i need to change money up, that kind of thing. im sure there is more, but i can't be bothered to think about it! i just want to be drunk! hahaha!
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