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Is Cancun too trashy? Guests making me feel like crap...

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#11 msglave

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    Posted 01 August 2010 - 06:00 AM

    I know I'm a bit late but guess what? I've stayed at The Royal Cancun.


    My FI and I went in 2008 and LOVED it! He is a very picky person and had a wonderful time! It is awesome because the back of the hotel is where the new expanded beach is. That's where you can go to lounge around. The front of the hotel is a regular city street. Your guests who want to be able to go into town to party can hope a bus right there and take it into town. If you ask me, that's the best of both worlds. The Cancun location is so beautiful, the rooms and the ceiling fans are to die for. It really is a nice place! We absolutely loved the resort so much so that we are getting married at The Royal Playa del Carmen. In addition to being a Royal brand, we loved that guests who wanted to party would have easy access and guests who wanted to chill could do just that.


    The naysayers are just that-naysayers. Remember that this is your wedding and you should be planning it the way you want. I PROMISE YOU that those who have something slick to say will definitely be eating their words!

    The Royal Playa del Carmen 12.11.10 / 46 people + bride & groom attended!!!!!
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    #12 msglave

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      Posted 01 August 2010 - 06:06 AM

      Some people are so stupid! 



      They have made comments about how trashy Cancun is and how they wouldn't pick there to go on their own vacations but that "I guess that's what you wanted.."



      The Royal Playa del Carmen 12.11.10 / 46 people + bride & groom attended!!!!!
      Our keycard holders w/ template & pics

      #13 evaleen

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        Posted 01 August 2010 - 10:11 AM

        It really upsets me that people would say such things about such an awesome place!  Cancun is where my FI and I first met, and where we will be married next year...and I couldn't care less about what anyone has to say about that! 


        All the ladies that commented previously are right...people will always find something to say about everything...so trust the choice that you made and just enjoy!

        #14 Mrs.S2B

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          Posted 01 August 2010 - 06:14 PM

          For those who think it will be trashy- WHATEVER?!  You will have a beautiful wedding and the on;y thing trashy is their nasty comments. 

          #15 shannon.marie

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            Posted 01 August 2010 - 08:56 PM

            I wouldn't spend 2 seconds more even thinking about it! People are always going to complain about something. I have been to Cancun twice, and each time Ive enjoyed it! Dont worry....they'll be singing a different tune after your beautiful weddding!!!

            #16 KelZavs20

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              Posted 02 August 2010 - 07:38 AM


              I hope your guests eat their words when they actually get there!!!! and, it sucks that they even had the nerve to say that!!!

              you, however, should NOT worry just like everyone else has said :)

              There are some dodgy parts of the real downtown cancun....you know the parts they show on the news here if something goes wrong - but that is like everyother city on the planet!  However,the hotel zone is spectacular, safe, clean, and there is something for everyone whether they are a party animal or fine diner!

              If it were me (and i suffer from severe word vomit) id just say "shut your pie hole!" heheeh in my head anyway!

              #17 sxcT

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                Posted 06 August 2010 - 09:44 AM


                Originally Posted by msglave 

                Some people are so stupid! 


                 It just occured to me that you could say, 


                Well it's a good thing you're not the one who picked it...or...


                You're right-It's what I (emphasize I) wanted so it's what I (emphasize I again) planned


                or...Well then-it's a good thing it's not your wedding, LOL! 


                That should shut them up!


                OMG these were great.  Love them...and I would definitely use them if that was my issue.


                TheFutureWagners - I have only been to Cancun once with 9 people and we all had a great time.  When you are in/on the resort you are in paradise.  Anyone can walk out and go visit the downtown area and get the "partying" atmosphere but that has nothing to do with the resort.  You could stay at the resort for a week and feel like you are on your own little island and have everything at your finger tips.  Don't worry about the ppl giving you a hard time.  Cancun is know for having a downtown area to party in but that does not make it trashy.  You will have a great time and the resort will be amazing.  As msglave said....tell them to shut the hell up!!!

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