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  1. I agree! Its not as easy as it seems. I've researched it and we decided to get married the week of our departure stateside. You just have to decide what will make you happy when all is said and done. We are NOT telling ANYONE we will already be married..I dont think guest would like it to find out they traveled out the country and spent more money just to witness something you did days before (I dont care how much they love you!).
  2. Congrats to all the ladies that celebrated their weddings since my last post!! I have been so busy moving this past week from NC to TX. Then on top of that we had our engagement party in Atlanta! Â Now im freaking out...I only have 9 months to get this together!!!! Â
  3. shannon.marie

    Houston Brides!

    Hello ladies...Ive been gone for awhile, so I have some catching up to do! We just celebrated our engagement party this past weekend. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  4. I wouldn't spend 2 seconds more even thinking about it! People are always going to complain about something. I have been to Cancun twice, and each time Ive enjoyed it! Dont worry....they'll be singing a different tune after your beautiful weddding!!!
  5. shannon.marie

    Courtney's Dreams Cancun Review

    Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing...Congrats on becoming a MRS!
  6. shannon.marie

    2011 Dreams Cancun Wedding

    Welcome and congrats to all 2011 Dreams Cancun Brides!!!!
  7. Congrats!!! I am ever more sure now, that we made the right decision to get married at Dreams Cancun!!! Everything looked so beautiful, and you looked radiant!! Thanks for such a great review and I wish you nothing but happiness!!
  8. shannon.marie

    May 2011 Bride :)

    Congrats and welcome!!!
  9. shannon.marie

    Houston Brides!

    Hello Houston brides!! Nice to meet you all. We are having our wedding May 30, 2011 at Dreams Cancun!!
  10. Thanks!! This will be perfect for our passport invitations!! Love the price!
  11. shannon.marie

    hello from texas!

    Welcome!! You will find alot of great info here on this forum. Congrats on your engagement!!
  12. shannon.marie

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Just paid for my save the date boarding passes created by "ginger" I LOVE THEM!!!
  13. Shannon and Jonathan May 30, 2011----pending confirmation
  14. Hello future Dreams brides!!!! Im new to the forum...I see I have alot of reading to do!!
  15. shannon.marie

    Newbie....Dreams Cancun or Caribe Real Cancun May 30, 2011!!!

    Thanks ladies!!!