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Monogram, STD, BM Cards, Invitations

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Allurments by Rebecca did all of my paper items. The first thing Rebecca did for me was my monogram, Let me just say that Rebecca was fantastic to work with, she knew exactly what I was looking for.
Then it was onto the STD Passports.
I also asked Rebecca to make my cards for my three bridesmaids to ask them to be in my wedding




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Originally Posted by eholt View Post


Rebecca is great!  I am waiting til its time to begin my passport invites!  Wish I could do them now!


I already started mine LOL, I couldnt wait either, I had so much fun doing my STDs and BM cards, that I just had to start my invites, Just taking my time doing it, and if I get them printed early then I'll just hang onto them until I send them out in December, I would start them! It takes time, at least for me Im somewhat of a perfectionist so it will probably take me a few weeks to actually finish them, we have already been working on them for about 3 weeks now.


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