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townie princess

It's so sparkly

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My engagement ring finally arrived on May 6.


Shannon knew he couldn't get me any ol' ring and that I kind of had something in mind even before he asked, so off we went to a jewelry designer a few days after he popped the question.


A week later we finally got the quote for the ring. The setting alone (no stone) was way out of our budget. They couldn't even offer us a real diamond, only something created in a lab.


I was really upset and disappointed. Back to square one I guess. So we stopped into the local jewelry store just to see what they had on display. After trying on a few rings, the lady mentioned that they had a designer coming to the store later that week and I should bring my design to him. It was a free consultation, so it couldn't hurt to ask.


We went to the consultation and were very impressed with what this guy had to say. He estimated he could do the setting with a fancy sparkly CANADIAN diamond all within our budget. "Come back in 8 weeks, your ring should be ready then".


All right, the countdown begins. April 23 is the big day. I've got it marked on my calendar at work.


April 23 comes and goes. No ring. "Come back in a week, we meant to tell you it's ready for April 30."


April 30. Still no ring. Even the sales lady is getting anxious, she wants to see this ring too!


Finally, Shannon gets the call on May 6 to pick up my ring.











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Yeah, that's the Holy Trinity.


It's very nice....and it's so much fun when you get to design your own ring....I did the same thing, kinda, I really saw a design I liked and said "can you make this....CHEAPER?" Hahahaha! Congrats it beautiful!

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Wow, I didn't think anyone was going to read my blog!




Yes, it is the trinity knot on either side of the diamond, I'm not very religious (was told at a young age I was going to burst into flames if I stepped inside a Catholic church!), but I do know the knot can symbolize several things.


Some view it as representing the "holy trinity", others the mind, body & soul.


I see one corner as representing my family and heritage, the other as FI's family & heritage, and the final corner as the forward direction we will go together.

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