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Really Needed? I have questions... ayuda por favor

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#1 bsf&jpg

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    Posted 15 July 2010 - 06:08 PM

    so the FI & I leave in 2 wks for our dw and I am wondering if you all feel that a menu is really needed for our guests.
    Or, is it just a nice, fun, cute thing?
    Im just scared like what if something changes last minute.
    Or if I only have 13 guests should I make one each or like two per table?
    Then I would have to make it in English and in Spanish for our families. Which is also another cute idea. hmm...
    If I print on paper should I laminate it??

    I am also thinking I should really start on our timeline sheet to be placed in the OOT bags
    Like our wedding is at 4 so should I tell people to begin seating at 3:45??
    And what if the cocktail hour/location change last minute?? Because my resort DT hasn't confirmed if my spaces were available or not.
    what to do??

    any past DT brides can help me out??

    #2 jajajaja

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      Posted 15 July 2010 - 07:01 PM

      Whoa- I sense a last minute panic brooding. :)

      Menu- totally necessary? NO. Does it possibly add some color? Yes. I like knowing what I'm going to be eating so I would appreciate one. HOWEVER, don't do it if you are short on time. It's not worth any stress. Don't laminate though. I think that would look cheap and not photograph well. Laminiate is only good if the menu is going to be used over and over. IF someone spills on it, who cares? It was only needed for a first glance and to possibly spruce up the table.

      I did the menu is spanish and english because that's the way the resort gave it to me and I liked having both languages although all of my guests only spoke english. It was just a fun thing to have both.

      Timeline- I would do one. If details change, everything will work out. I would just put wedding start time as 4 or if you are having some pre-cocktails before 3:30 or whatever. People should have enough common sense to know if it's at 4 they better show up early enough anyways. Plus everyone will be at the resort already.... bonus of having a DW!

      Don't stress. You are in the final stretch so what get's done get's done. Forget the rest. Have a great time!
      Happily married since 2008

      #3 angelov321

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        Posted 15 July 2010 - 07:19 PM

        I agree with the menus not being necessary. Its a nice gesture, but not totally needed. Im not sure how the dinner will be served at your resort, but I know that we're doing a buffet so the guests will be able to see what is being served anyways. If you do decided to do the menus and since youre only having 13 guests, I would definitely print one out for each guest. :)

        As far as the timeline, Im defintiely doing that. But I didnt even think about what if the venues for reception/cocktail hour change. Can you call your WC to verify 100% if you can book the areas you want? If not, then you can just inform your guests when you all arrive. Since your group of guests is small I dont feel like it will be so chaotic to tell them once they are there as opposed to them already knowing once they check in. I would add what time people should be seated or arrive at the ceremony. If your family is anything like mines, theyll think bc its a hispanic wedding it will start late. In actuality bc its a DW and there a multiple weddings in a day, things need to start on time! GL girl!!

        #4 midnight24

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          Posted 15 July 2010 - 10:35 PM

          if you are worried about the menu ask the wedding coordinator for the resort if they supply one.

          reason i say this...it's something i didn't think twice about for ours but when we showed up to our restaurant each setting had one. as i picked the specific menu.

          as for your timeline...you can give your guests an 'estimated' timeline for the day off. expect plans to change though...it happens so don't worry. and even if you print a timeline people will still ask you a million questions the day of. so don't stress.

          sometimes the best things happen when plans aren't made

          enjoy your day!

          #5 wendyjd

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            Posted 17 July 2010 - 08:35 AM

            Hey Betty, congrats on the quickly approaching wedding.

            I don't think a menu is required. I don't plan to make one however as the time draws closer I keep thinking of things I "need" to do, so I'm not really a help on this. However a timeline is a great idea. Never hurts to remind people when/where to be.

            #6 carolina24

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              Posted 17 July 2010 - 03:08 PM

              deep breath!!

              ok yes you should definately have a timeline for the wedding; since this isn't confirmed yet by your WC (which should have been by now, btw) you could let everyone know the day before the ceremony; i assume that you'll have a meeting with your WC when you get there and everything needs to be sorted out by then!! i told my guests to be seated by 3:45, our wedding is at 4pm.

              as for the menu, it isn't really necessary, especially since things might change as you say and you won't have anything confirmed probably till you have your meeting; i say unless you get this confirmed asap, then don't worry about the menus. if you get food confirmed and decide on doing the menus, i would do one per guest and have the WC place them on each place setting. don't laminate them; just print them out on really nice cardstock. our menus are in english and spanish...

              i got the idea for the headings from someone on here; cant remember who but thanks!! this is just rough draft (we're not doing the palm trees) but you get the idea :)

              good luck!!

              #7 msjulie5475

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                Posted 17 July 2010 - 06:25 PM

                I agree with the ladies...menu not necessary, but nice to have and time line essential.

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