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Wearing Dress After Wedding

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#21 miss_delerium

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    Posted 16 July 2010 - 01:55 AM

    Originally Posted by tris
    This reminds me of the Friends episode when all 3 girls are in wedding dresses sitting on the couch :)
    (ps. I'm sure after I get married I'll put mine on every once and a while too)
    Originally Posted by miss_delerium
    This reminds me of that episode of Friends where Monica, Rachel and Pheobe are all wearing wedding dresses, sitting on the couch and drinking beer. Lol.
    Ha ha...that's what I said! :P

    #22 BachataBride

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      Posted 16 July 2010 - 07:56 AM


      I just did this recently when we had a meetup at my house! I put my dress on & had a little dance around the living room...and got some pictures taken!! Loved it!! :)

      #23 spicytuna

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        Posted 18 July 2010 - 07:17 PM

        i loved that episode of friends. i think i'm going to have to pull out my dvds and rewatch it for a couple laughs!

        #24 lyndsay_h

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          Posted 22 July 2010 - 08:53 PM

          Haha, I had to leave my dress at my parents house to keep me from wearing my dress all the time...I could imagine myself cleaning the oven in it.
          4 of 5 girls in our group of friends are married/engaged so we're planning a new years eve wedding dress party when the weddings are all finished!

          #25 kimberly333

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            Posted 22 July 2010 - 08:58 PM

            I hope I'll love mine that much. It sounds like a lot of fun!!!

            #26 Thomasjsgirl

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              Posted 22 July 2010 - 09:50 PM

              Funny! We've talked about having a wedding dress party so many times, but not all of us can fit into our dresses anymore, argghhhh
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              #27 jajajaja

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                Posted 22 July 2010 - 10:21 PM

                LMAO! I love it. The thought has never occurred to me really. I liked my dress too! I love the wedding dress ball!
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                #28 Rolliedelta

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                  Posted 23 July 2010 - 03:48 AM

                  Haha, I love that you shared this! SO cute and I can totally understand the sentiment. Someone told me that she's going to cut up her old dress (only a few years old) and use it to make a craft box. I was absolutely horrified! So sad . . .

                  #29 miss_delerium

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                    Posted 23 July 2010 - 11:54 AM

                    A while ago, in my city, they had this fund raising thing (I can't remember what it was raising money for), but basically you wore your old wedding dress, prom dress, grad dress.. whatever and get pictures taken by local photographers. Kinda like a "retro" photo shoot. I thought it was a neat idea. All women have those kind of dresses sitting in their closets, and this gave them a chance to pull them out and wear them again - for a good cause.

                    I could NEVER squeeze back into my grad dress!!

                    #30 Andi


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                      Posted 23 July 2010 - 12:10 PM

                      ha! my married friends and I have talked about having a wine night and all wearing our dresses! we haven't done it yet but I would be totally up for it! any chance to throw that thing on again, I will take it!

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