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Matt Adcock

del Sol - Wedding fun in the Rain

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Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post
Well, it happens to the best of us every so often, a rainy wedding day.

Recently, I was shooting a wedding at Dreams Tulum here in the Riviera Maya and they sky was just POURING hardcore rain. Rain Rain Rain, and serious rain too. Buckets, cats and dogs, etc.

Keellin+ John's big day was not about to be ruined by some stupid rain cloud, no way! Keellin has to be one of the biggest spirited brides I've ever encountered on a rainy day... I've had a few in my career, for sure Keellin took everything with a smile and the end result was a photo of a lifetime.

Really, this kind of photo is one that we photographers dream about making, just a beautiful shot as well as a technically difficult shot to make. A shot that is impossible to make without the rain!!!

Here is what del Sol does with a rainy day :)

Click the image to open in full size.

Congrats Keellin and John!!!


I'll update the full slideshow when we get the edit complete...this is a preview photo for her.

PS. Wanna read about my thought process behind the making of this imagehuh.gif Check out our creative flash lighting blog where we talk about the how to's of the shots.
WOWWW amaziing!! Your work is amazing! wish we could use you guys. This is one lucky couple!

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When everything seems to go wrong on the big day, THIS is the kind of photo you want to have to remember that nothing can slow you down...


serious Ya'll, I've waited my entire career to snap a shot as cool as this one... Means a lot to hear all the comment LOVE :)




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