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I need a signature drink for a party...any ideas?

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I just moved, so I am having a launch party at the end of this month.


The party will be in a friend's antique store and I will have a four person band playing vintage instruments (acoustical).


My colors are tan, brown, white, and aqua blue. I'm also planning to have a candy bar for favors.


It should be lots of fun. I have hired a caterer to do the appetizers and I am planning to have cocktails too.


Rather than having a bar, I would like to have a signature drink. Any ideas on what to serve? I don't really care for liquor drinks so I have no idea. I am expecting a lot of people so I need to make something that is affordable. I would like something either neutral colored or blue.

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This is sooooo not what you want to do but the guys I hung out with in college created this drink (it was sooo good and this pretty pink color, but it had so much liquor in it) and they called it the "PANTY DROPPER" It was pretty funny because at parties people started asking for it all the time!!


Sorry your title reminded me of this, but with that said you could create a cute drink that people will remember. Good Luck!!!

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Wow, that sounds like a great party!!! Can I come?? wink.gif


what about a blue lagoon? (1 shot Blue Curacao, 1 shot Rum, 6 oz Pineapple Juice, 1 or 2-shots Sweet & Sour Mix, ~ 1 cup of crushed ice)


....that's the only blue mixed drink I can think of right now & I had to look up what's in it! :)

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I think I was thinking of the same drink as Heidi! I couldn't even remember what it was called!


Place to look for ideas. . .


blue, alcoholic Recipes at Epicurious.com


This is one of my FAVORITE sites! They have a really huge database of food and drink recipes...I just searched "blue" and sent you what it came up with. But you might be able to do a more specific search to find what you want.

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How about a Dark & Stormy - dark rum and ginger beer. The only trick is finding ginger beer (it's nonalcoholic, but not exactly ginger ale either). I've found it at World Market before.


Or maybe a chocolate or an espresso martini. Mocha martini (is that a thing?)


Or maybe something using iced tea or iced sweet tea?

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Our favorite party drink... not so much for a sophisticated crowd but maybe if you put it in a nice glass :)


Skip and Go Naked!!!!


1- can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate

2- cans of vodka (use lemonade can)

3- beers


Sounds disgusting but I guarantee they'll ask for more!


OR you could just serve one or two martinis with a chunk of dry ice in them.. we had that at a x-mas party and it wasa pretty cool.. except I was really worried about touching the ice.

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how about pineapple mojitos? just do a regular mojito and muddle in some pineapple with the sugar and mint. you can serve it with a fresh stick of sugar cane. delicious, perfect for summer, and very chic. (and moderately inexpensive since it does not require top-shelf liquor)


blue drinks scare me! wink.gif

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