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Where can I get a linen suit for the groom?

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My fiance wants to wear linen and not dress up. I want him to wear a nice lightweight suit. I have come to the decision that maybe there is a linen suit out there some where. Does anyone have any clue where it could be?

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We just did this last weekend. You better act fast if you want to do it this season. Most were on their way out.


Macy's had some. Nordstroms moved theirs to The Rack, so skip looking at their store and go straight for The Rack.


We found a few in JcPennys. They were alright- not the best. I also found some online at Target. I wanted to check to see if they were decent quality but I never made it there.


We decided not to do a linen suit after all of this. We did find nice cotton/linen blend pants by Dockers at Macy's.

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Go to Macy's. They were having a huge sale (70% off) last week. We bought his suit there a week ago - last Thursday - and saved so much $$! They had quite a few to choose from actually. They had one by I.N.C that was nice. We ended up purchasing a really great Perry Ellis suit and paid $40 for the jacket and $17 for the pants! The pants were slightly long, but we are just going to hem them. Definitely check out Macy's soon because I'm sure they will go fast.

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