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aaarrrrrgggggghhhhh, OMFG I am going to freak out, i've just had a stupid argument with the 'brother in law' over him not stressing FI about choosing ushers....he asked if Wayne has picked the ushers yet i said no but don't stress him because he needs time to think about who to choose....well that was it WORLD WAR FUCKING 3, 4 & 5 just kicked off in my house. 


I tried to explain that we've only decided on 1st January that we are having the wedding here and we're not getting married until next year June so he's still got a bit of time to choose just don't stress him as i want it to be as stress free as possible on us both.  He got pissed off and went absolutley crazy in my house for about 10 minutes, telling me that he is the best man and he's going to do it to the best of his ability and however he sees fit.  Anyway it all esculated and he walked out, called Wayne up on the phone about 1/2 hour later and basically because Wayne didn't agree with him he told Wayne to find a new best man!!!!


Wayne is so upset!

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Originally Posted by Nicyx View Post




Quote:OMG Jo..... You poor thing, as roo has said "NO" hint whatsoever of the chaos you endured!!! You definatly are one calm cookie :-) Good on you!!! I dont think i would have been able to keep the control like you.... I definalty intend to take your advise ond "TAKE CONTROL" tanks for that.

Was your wedding at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya or the Riu Palace Mexico?

Im with the others on the "not saying anything to Ant" as like you i would have to put myself in their shoes!!!

Definatly no ingo wings showing chick, then all we see in ourselves is the "bad" but trust me.... None to see.... just beauty :-)


TOTALLY TOTALLY love how you tell us the details, no beating around the bush... I love it... open, honest and very frank... BRILLIANT :-) xox


Thanks very much x


 nicy the wedding was at the palace mexico. it was gorgeous, and the rprm comes up even better on trip advisor so you´ve got nothing to worry about. the wc´s are all really nice and organised, ours was patricia and she was fine about using my chair sashes for free, and my cake decorations, and the cd for the music. the renova spa was excellent if you´re thinking of using it, and the in-house photographers were great too ( very bossy, but she got nice shots so i´m not complaining.) If there´s certain shots you want make sure you ask, and maybe make sure your room is tidier than ours was cos in some of the photos you can see our shite lying around everywhere! also you can totally haggle on the prices, don´t pay anything upfront. we said we didn´t want the dvd but she sent someone to do it anyway, he wanted 450$US for it, we got it for 300.


meant to say before. we were told not to take USDollars, but they are used EVERYWHERE. it was a total pain in the arse not having any.

Also we did 3 trips, coco bongo bar crawl in playa del carmen, was ok but wouldn´t do it again, think the one in cancun´s better. alltournative jungle maya...... zip lining, repelling, mountain biking 4x4-ing, underground snorkelling. It was AWESOME! not really my kind of thing to go running round the jungle in the rain, but i loved it. Then  we did dolphin discovery to isla mujeres, that was fantastic too.


Michelle you have the patience of a saint. Like my dad says, say nothing, think bollocks. then after you´re married you can say bollocks too.

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Thanx girls, its so nice to be able to talk to ppl about it. I have tried with her and shown her nothing but respect but i wont no more! She is nothing to me. Its just hard on FI. But i cant help it. I do hold a grudge and life is to short to spend it around ppl that make you feel like s**t!


sounds like alot of us have problem in laws one way or another. It is horrible and i feel for you all. Anyone that is getting away with the horrors coming to your wedding i envy you, lol.


Charmaine i really hope FIs brother calms down and realises what he's done. He should apologise and take back what he said. Fingers x'd it sorts itself out and you dont end up like us not talking for yr's.


Why do ppl feel the need to put so much pressure on us at such an important time. Sometimes i just feel like they wanna take the shine off of it for us. Buggers!!


Jo - thanx for the info. I did hear you couldn't use $ now. So glad you can still. We are gonna do the dolphin discovery trip and i know FI wants to go play golf too. Not sure what else we'll plan. We were going to have a stag and hen at Coco Bongos....would you not reccommend it then Jo??  I heard it was fantastic?


I am just looking forward to the rest now and the holiday itself :o)

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well we went based on my friends recommendation, she´d been to the one in cancun and said it was amazing. after going to the one in p d c she said cancun is much better. don´t get me wrong, we enjoyed the first two bars, carlos n charlies and señor frogs, but coco bongos was super crowded, and you´re all sort of squished up in lines on these tiny terraces, watching the show below. i would have gone to the one in cancun but i thought i´d probably puke in the taxi on the way home!

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Girls I went to Zumba last night it was FANTASTIC!!  Loved it!!  & the music really got me back into looking forward to the wedding, for those of you who haven't tried it I definitely recommend I was sweating like a gooden!!  I came home so happy that I spoke to Richard about the MIL thing & he has said that he isn't going to contact his mum was just feeling a little bit peed off that she should be a normal mum & under normal circumstances should be there.  So for the moment all is quite on the western front......phew!! 


Michelle has your MIL got a long lost twin by any chance she sounds the double of mine!!!!....lol


Char hope your FI's brother comes around & apologises, why do people want to make the whole thing so much more stressful!!!!


Has everyone decided on what flowers they are going to have?x

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I seem to have missed so much... only been away for a day i think :)


Char.... As others have said hopefully he will calm down soon and see it was a TOTAL misunderstanding x


Jo... Thanks for the info... Brilliant, and good to know about the Dollars too, might have to take a bit of both just incase, be just my luck i take them and cant use them... LOL x I wouldnt mind coco bongo's but have been um'in and argh'in as i have heard b4 that the one in Cancun is miles better!!! We will prob decide once we get there x


Michelle... I feel for you chick.... FB'd you :-) And for you herbie & Lisa it must be awful to not get on with folk :( x


As for flowers i have been sent pix from my WC i think im going for plain white roses (i think thats what they are...LOL)  which i will wrap aqua ribbon around the stem and i also have my aqua bouquet jewel to go in it :-) Im not big on flowers and dont really know one from another so as long as they look nice then im not particually bothered to be honest!!!




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Yeh i see it! Arrr so happy for her! A MRS at last!


I'm going with pink roses and pinning on my mums old mother of pearl broche to the steam (thats my something old) and the BM's will have smaller white ones of the same flower. Scarlett will have a petal bag :o) I haven't heard from my WC in months but i'm sure i'll be able to pick it out when in resort :o)


That Zumba class sounds like fun!!! And if your working out even better :o) Glad its quiet on the MIL front for you. Finger's x'd it stays that way!


I had SIL round last night tryin to defend MIL's actions but i was having none of it! I think she learned a few things by talking to me that she didn't know about. Maybe now she'll understand more why i've distanced myself from them!


Hay hoe!! I have loved the most part of this wedding planning but i can say hand on heart i would NEVER do it again. Its caused so much upset and stress. I never in a million yr's thought i would have this grief over something so special.

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