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hey everyone we have bought our wedding rings!! we even did a bit of negotiating on the price as we could pay with cash! so we are both really happy! i love mine! i was struggling to get a ring to match my engagement ring as the ring is a square princess cut diamond so all of the wedding rings didn't fit right with it but i found one with a tiny dip in it so it fits perfectly! smile159.gif


everything seems to be coming together nicely.


What are you doing for gifts for the men? I like the idea os engraved hip flasks but haven't 100% decided. God I am going to need ALOT of extra baggage allowance lol x



Not sure what to do for men, they are so hard to buy for!!! Glad you sorted rings, i was well happy when i got our rings, made it seem the "Realist" (is that even a word!! LOL) its been since booking!!! x

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Originally Posted by Sallee View Post

you ladies are so organised !!

I leave for costa rica in 9 weeks and havent sorted out the mens shirts & trousers, the BM dress, photographer, flowers.............. EEEEEEK !!

Dont worry I leave on Friday and we only got our rings last week, FIs tie and suit in the sale, still no shirt for him - the rest of the girls on here are super organised - but u will be fine :-)


Your so funny Jo, nothing like leaving it til last minute!!! :-)  x


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Lyndsey any pic's of your rings? Glad you got the ones you wanted.


Roo - i ended up getting the 1yr old an alphbet plane toy out of ELC. It's for 9mths + so should be ok and sings the alphabet, lol


No luck with the wedding undies, but i did get some nice bits out of ann summers and la senza in the sale! ;o)


Is it terrible that although we are having a destination wedding nothing is really beachy about our wedding? Not the colours or flowers or invites or OOT bags. They are all pink or brown!! The only thing that is destination like is the starfish favours, lol.... oh well it's our day and our taste i suppose! Bringing the UK to Mexico, hee hee x

I love.gif La senza, its fab, we only have a tiny weeny Ann Summers here :-(


I like your style on nringing the UK to Mexico.... :-) Oh and when you get there all your colours etc will fall in place at your resort and will all look and feel "beachy" to you :-) Im sure x


Originally Posted by *lyndsey* View Post

michelle, thats the same as us! i'm sure the setting of being in mexico and little touches will be enough.


not sure how to post a pic....fingers crossed!xring.jpg

Your ring is gorgeous :-) Absolutly stunning x



Jo, I CAN NOT believe you leave on Fri!!!! Is that as crazy as it sounds???!!! YES I think it is...



OH and ladies I have changed my Hen plans as you may remember we had a day at the races planned well, i couldnt get this arranged due to to many people messing about, so i just thought sod it change of plan...


so i put 6 place names in a hat :


1. Manchester

2. Liverpool

3. Leeds

4. Newcastle

5. Glasgow

6. Edinburgh


And picked




So on Friday the 8th April we travel up there i have 10 definates at the mo, hopefully 1 or 2 more by the end of the weekend, so i can book.

We will get an apartment about 15 mins walk from pubs and clubs. Costing around £45 per person for 2 nights.

Fri night we will stay in order take away and drink, drink, drink :-)

Sat day we'll be hungover tourists :-)

Sat night pubs and clubs :-)

Sun, home.

Im off work the monday to recover!!!!




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Originally Posted by michelle2011 View Post


Nicy your 'new' hen sounds FAB! I wanna come lol... i bet you have a great time!! :o) and not to long to wait either whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, the more the merrier!!! LOL :-)


I was saying today at work, to a collegue, Obviously I cant wait for the wedding as its all ive spent my life doing for the last 18 months or so, and its what ive wanted since the day we met, BUT when its all over what will i do? Do you girls think the same? x

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hi nicy,

i know what you mean. its like you spend so much time and effort and everything in your life revolves around it then one day there will be no more planning or saving up for it or researching etc! i am sure that the day will be so good and obviously its a holiday too plus a party when we get back so there wont be that feeling of 'what do we do now!' thats what i am hoping for anyway but i have heard of people gettin the post wedding blues. x

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Lyndsey : Yeah, thats what my work mate said today "post wedding blues" :-(
Hopefully we will have a reception in June, maybe July time at the lastest so if we can decide if we can afford one then at least that will keep me occupied!! Haha!!

Have you booked your party at home?



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yes we get back from mexico on sat 21st may and out party at home is on 28th may. we're hoping to go away to a log cabin for 3 nights in between but not sure if we can afford it yet. it would be lovely to have a few nights just the 2 of us as there are 41 of us going to mexico!!

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girls dont talk to me about post wedding blues i dunno if its cause ive felt so shit with the flu for the last ten days but im sooooo down im sure if i sat at the gps and groizzled hed sign me off.We are living in a house we cant really afford that no of us love trapped by a mortgage we are tyed into till 2012/13 so therefore we have very little cash and although it feels good that we are looking to clear our debts this year we dont hve anything to look forward to theres no babies coming in this house at almosast 45 im waiting for grandchildren lol.We went out this afternoon looking at paint my eldest son is going to india for 5 weeks on tuesday and we are going to do some decorating.We stopped and went for a meal and after two glasses of wine there i sat with tears rolling off my chin i am so fed up and the only way i can explain it is i have nothing to look forward to we havnt got a holiday booked this year cos we dont want to put anything on a credit card.Im hoping we can visit my mum and dad in ireland in the summer and then go to new york for nov/dec/.I guess what im trying to say is i think there will be post wedding blues and i think cos m stilll feeling below par the emotion that is bubbling under the service rose its uglyhead.We/i have never been so broke and in 2013  things improve for us finacially with endowments but for now life is shittt!!! SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO If there is anyway you  can plan something for later in the year do it


Michelle glad you found something in the ELC


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