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Hi Ladies your all cracking on with your planning.I thought if you booked your weddin through a travel agent the wedding department asked you for all the paperwork and they sorted it.

For us going to Greece we needed birth certificates  apostilized as well as decree absolutes we had to sen d them to London then fax them to Greece and then take the originals in total it was £178 for all the apostilized stuff then 200 euro for the mayor to do his bit  250 for sandra to do her bit the wedding planner who guided us as far as when to apply etc and then another £300 to have everything translated and three copies of the marriage certificates which we bought home with us.

It added up but if wed done it here at the registry office it was £500 so it was well worth the extra.

It is scary trying to pull it all off but thats where Sandra played her part.


Janapana dont give the minx an inch to move Paula the fat ex friend in  my wedding pics tried her hardest to spoil our wedding week and honymoon give her enough rope to hang herself.I will never have Paula step foot inside our home again.

Its bugging me shes not been in touch so i can give her a gob full but boy she can wait !!!!!!!!!!

Past history tells me she feels the victim and another two weeks max and she will be intouch


Wedding photos wont upload in the post your wedding engagement forum so girls if you want to view them all i guess if you have facebook you can view them there Maria Newnham.enjoy, i need to learn how to make a photo book with them all



I have friend requested you on FB..... Ooooooo, cant wait to see :-) Good to hear from you x

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Originally Posted by michelle2011 View Post

How annoying that they told me we dont! :o(

Seriously everyone check with your hotel as i really think is based on where your hotel is and what hotel you are getting married at.... so to get the correct info girls email your WC or look at your hotel website :-) x

Its so annoying that there are so many different rules etc to get wed in Mexcio..... but just think ladies these are things we are going to look back on in 12 months or so and wonder why we ever worried... I SERIOUSLY love.gif this wedding planning..... I really just want to get married..... NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! LOL x

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Girls all your fb requests are done x

For us there was  time restrictions on when we could put our papers in.By that i mean the registry office here had to do there bit no more than three months before the wedding.

Just a thought here they were very much on the ball give your local registry office a ring and they should know what you all need

Good luck its very nerve jangerling

Enjoy the wedding piccies xxx

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Hey Roo - I'll be adding you later as well :-)


I think with regards to documents as Nicy says it depends where in Mexico you are getting married as each area has their own requirements. 


If we all ask the hotel direct what we require at least we have it in writing from them and we know what we need.

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