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  1. created an account on DHgate and sent an email via that ... got it copied to my email address so pretty sure they would have got it. They always seem to be offline when I check Spose i'll ask Gianiar instead.. xx
  2. Emailed Monica bridal 2 days ago, still no reply.. hmm
  3. 1/2 lb is good, its still a loss!! favours - We got starfish bottle toppers for each couple, fans and luggage tags... found that easier than thinking of BM/MOB/MOG/FOG presents ..
  4. How long does Monica bridal normally take to reply to enquiries? x
  5. haha cant have the song from the day we got together either ... **** It (I Don’t Want You Back) - Eamon
  6. LOL @ amarillo!!!! thats so funny... could be a interesting first dance! I like the idea of looking what was no1 at the time you got together, i'll have a look in a mo.... Oh man I am struggling with this, I was wondering if BM's walk down to the same music as you? and how long should the music be?! ack! I like greatest day... might have to "borrow" that for one of the songs if the other half agrees! I work for a retail company and we are sheduling our VAT increase for the 4th Jan xx
  7. roo - I cant believe your ex friend would stoop that low to comment on your wedding pics and try to make you feel bad about them!!!! Clearly she has nothing good in her life and wants to make you feel bad.. well rid of her!!!! x Char - that is good news glad things are starting to get better x Josie - card box is lovely, really nice x whats everyone doing about music?? What you having for walking down asile, first dance etc xx
  8. Nicy - I ordered a knock off dress months and months ago to make sure it would be ok to use, it was AMAZING! Really well made I was super happy, only downside for me was i've lost so much weight since then I think alterations to the current dress will out weigh the cost of ordering another one (I paid £120 if that for mine) I am planning to possibly order another dress and my BM dresses from gianniar: http://www.gianinar.com/web/html/w/Contactus.htm http://stores.ebay.co.uk/gianinarbridal Sent them pictures of what I wanted paid $60 dollars or around that they make the dress send you pictures and you decide if you want the dress then you pay the additional to have it sent. The only downside I found was that I ordered a white dress and it did have some pin marks, very small not that anyone else would notice but you potentially might. Altho not heard any of the other girls have this...
  9. Wow you girls have so much info on yours!! taking a look now, thanks josie! x
  10. Ok Nicy hope you dont mind I did "borrow" a few ideas from you altho I used another site to create it! (thanks!) Work in progress Let me kno your thoughts/improvements girls http://www.ewedding.com/sites/kerryandgary/ password is April2011 xx
  11. Nicy do you mind sharing your site link? x
  12. Girls that made a wedding website - which site did you make them with? x
  13. LOVE the side tiara!! gorgeous!! I was still gonna send invites but then thinking about it everyone is booked so do I need to? hmmm Michelle - 1lb isnt too bad thats just a big poop, maybe you should try and go to the loo first hahaha xx
  14. Soon-to-be-McRae - what a cow!!!!! How rude is that!!!! Well my friends wedding at zucchinis was absolutely stunning!! so sod them!! I contacted my hotel and they said the witness' can be related!!! She said the only restriction is they have to be there 3 days before to sign documents etc. So check with your resort! Anyone know the normal ettique for witness' who they should be ? x
  15. NOOOOOO! i didnt know it was 4 that werent related to you!!! that ruins my plan Nicci the dress is gorgeous!!!!! I would go with one that gave you that feeling just try it on again to make sure you still get it xx