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Tracy, thanks for the update. I am so excited for you so glad to hear Pillar has been accommodating to you.

I have my fingers crossed for you that Richard will miss you completely. All the best on your wedding day.



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WOW! Please tell me more! I am getting married at Now Jade Resort November 25, 2010 - one month from today!!


Any tips or advice is greatly appeciated.



- Vancouver Bride

52 guests booked!!

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Hi girls-the wedding is finally over and i'm on my honeymoon! 


I don't have time to do a whole write up but I will once we get home. 


What I will say is that Pilar is FANTASTIC!  I loved her and she did an amazing job with everything.  She kept very good notes of everything and set up the ceremony and reception exactly how I envisioned. 


Also-I posted some flowers on here awhile back that I had asked her about using instead of what was offered in the devine package.  She was able to recreate it almost exactly and the flowers were so fresh and beautiful.  I had lots of color-very tropical looking.  She kept all of my flowers looking similar to my bouquet (bridesmaids, boutineers, centerpieces, and the flowers on the pergola).


For anyone having a ceremony with not more than 55 or so people-the pergola is breathtaking when it is all done up for a wedding.  I don't know that you could use it if you had many more people than that though.  We had right at 50 and it was perfect. 


Anyway-i will post more review and pictures once I get home next week.  I still haven't seen any actual photos of my wedding.  You would think that with 50 people-SOMEONE would have posted something on facebook by now-but I guess i just have to be patient. 


Also-used Ivan Luckie as the photog-haven't seen his yet.  I think i was his guinea pig for this resort-I believe it was his first time to shoot here because he wasn't sure about where to shoot pics all the time.  Aside from that-he did a good job.  i'll give him a more detailed review later too.


Later girls...

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Tracy-Congrats lady! I am so happy and relieved to hear that everything went well for you. Enjoy your honeymoon and I am sure we are all looking forward to hearing all the little details when you return. :)

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