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  1. I just got my professional pictures back, and they're amazing!! No need to pay more for an outside photographer. We just went through the resort and we got Mike (Miguel) from Mexican Wedding Photos. He was so fun to work with and the pictures turned out perfectly. We did upgrade the package so we had him for 4 hours, and then we paid for the dvd of all the pics he took. Here's a preview (sorry they're so big):
  2. We used DJ Doremixx. A week or 2 before we went down, we exchanged a few emails with our schedule of reception, our play list, and our do not play list. They have a standard form they use. Then we scheduled a meeting for wednesday...two days before our wedding. We were actually high maintenance with our music because my husband wanted very specific songs. And for the father daughter dance, my dad and i started out with a slow song and then went into a fast funny song. They created it right there for me in the meeting on the computer. They did the first song, then did a cool record scratching sound, and went into our fast song. They were absolutely incredible.
  3. We had 56 guests, we chose the IGUANAS buffet (delicious!), and yes we had the DJ MC the wedding. He was great!
  4. I was there for 11 nights and the dance club was open every night, so i think you'll be fine. And yes i think thats a reasonable timeline...it sounds fun It depends on how long your ceremony will be, but I'd probably start around 6 instead of 6:30. We started mine at 5:15 and i thought it was the perfect timing, but yours is on the longest day of the year. Private bar was $350 for me, and they didnt add the tax or service fee
  5. Ok we have a snapfish group room. You either have to have a snapfish account or create one to be able to look at the pics. The site is ShaneAndErin.snapfish.com/snapfish (there's no www at the beginning) Or you can friend request me on facebook: Erin Mozitis King It's the same pics on facebook as snapfish but snapfish has a lot more. The best album to look at for the ceremony and cocktail hour is "King Wedding" and the best one for the reception is "King Reception". But I'm warning you there's a lot of pics!
  6. Well that didn't work as expected. I dont know how to paste the picture instead of a link. But anyway, once I get my professional pics I should have much better ones. Or there's a ton on our snapfish group page if anyone wants to look at that...and on facebook. Let me know if you want to see them and I'll let you know how.
  7. We got the marble cake flavor (I think). I liked it. We got the private bar too, which I think was crucial with our crowd. With so many guests, and everyone being big drinkers, I can't imagine not having the private bar. But it definitely depends on the number of guests and how much they like to drink. The wait staff was very good so I wouldnt worry about not having a bar if you have a smaller group. I've tried to load pictures a couple times but everytime I try, it fails on me. I dont have the best pics from my camera though, but I'll try again.
  8. I'm back!! After 2 wonderful weeks at the NOW Jade. I have over 700 pics and everything went perfect! We had 56 guests, had the ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour at the beach bar, and reception in the bamboo room with a private bar set-up. We didnt use any outside vendors, just everything through the package...and everyone was great. For some reason, no one likes talking about tips, but we tipped Pilar $100 the day after the wedding. If everything wasnt so great, we may have given less. Let me know what questions you have!
  9. Today was my last day of work for 17 days...yay!! We leave first thing Monday morning too. Brides who are stressed...I was the same way last week when I still had 20+ things on my to-do list. Now that I'm 4 days away and only have 6 things on my list I'm way more excited and a lot less nervous. The days will tick down fast but the stress will go away! I can't wait! hmlicos, I guess you can wear it on your right hand, but I've never seen that before. You can either not wear it (and just put it on after the ceremony) or still wear your ring and just switch the placement of the rings later. I dont think it's a big deal...whatever you feel comfortable doing.
  10. So when I first started my planning back in July I was working with Pilar. Then in August or September, she sent me an email and told me Ana was going to be handling my wedding. Then last week Pilar started emailing me again and sent me the final form to fill out with all of my guests and everything. And she said I should ask for her for our meeting on Tuesday. But anyway we emailed a few times last week and she was very responsive, but then she sent me an updated budget sheet over the weekend and asked me to sign off on it. Well the entire thing was wrong. She had the wrong number of guests and had things included that I didnt want so it kind of worried me a little. So i emailed her Sunday to let her know...no response. Then i emailed her again Tuesday and no response to that one either. I even said in the email that its ok if she's too busy to discuss it now, but just let me know she got the email and we can figure everything out when I meet with her Tuesday. I know all the other brides who recently got married said don't worry about anything, but i've been planning this with them for 9 months and i really dont want to start all over again when I get down there. Ahh i think it's just nerves now too!
  11. Do you think the service fee is like gratuity? Im wondering if I have to tip the servers at the reception after those crazy high fees?
  12. Do you have a picture? I'd love to see it! And I leave in 6 days now...yay!!
  13. Hey ladies remember that those prices don't include taxes and fees. I'm having 56 guests on the divine package, and the extra 31 guests are $67per person just for dinner. I'm not getting extra appetizers for the cocktail hour because half of us will be doing photos anyway but i want to say thats around $14 pp and then champagne and cake are about $4pp extra each.
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