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  1. Hey ladies- We just bought our groomsmen attire. We got them Perry Ellis Linen suits at Dillards. They also have a big and tall section that had the same suits!! (We also have a 6' 3" big guy!) The pants were $69 and the jackets were $165. Great suit!
  2. Hello! I totally understand the 143 pages thing...I've been on this site for a few months and it can get overwhelming! BUT- alot of it is awesome information and GREAT ideas! I got the idea for boarding pass Save the Dates (STDs as they call them! lol) from this site! Most of the ladies are super friendly and helpful. There are some awesome Now Jade reviews on here too, just have to find them! Which can take a while... I'm getting married at Now Jade June 3rd and I'm SO excited! My FI (Fiance) and I did a site visit in December to check it out and we LOVED it. It was really awesome and everyone was friendly and helpful. We even got to see a wedding! The resort is great and the food was pretty awesome too. I've read some reviews on Travel Advisor that say not such nice things, but we really had a fabulous time. I think if you've been to Mexico you understand the culture and their "relaxed" atmosphere. My colors are royal blue and accents of yellow. We're getting married at the Pergola (the concreate area over-looking the beach with the wood thatch thing...sorry I'm not sure what it is!) We're doing our reception at Las Olas resturant which will be closed to just our party. I'm through most of the planning and now just looking forward to it all! If you want to add me on fb feel free! (Ashlee Clark, Texas Tech University Alum) I'll post some photos for ya later! HAPPY PLANNING! Here are a few...
  3. Lisa! That is so awesome! I love the photos too! Would you mind sharing these with me? I can't download just yet, so please email me! ashleeclark@hotmail.com Thank you so much and good luck to you!
  4. Tracy- You are AWESOME! Your reviews are such a great resource for all of us other Now Jade Brides! Thank you for taking the time to do a great review and answer all the questions! The Now Jade should hire you to be a wedding coordinator!
  5. YAY Mallory!! You will LOVE this site...its addicting for sure! BUT it has such great info and ideas! This is where I got the idea to do boarding pass STDs and passport Invites! Hope you are doing great and welcome! -Ashlee
  6. Tracy- SO excited for you! Hope all was fabulous and can't wait to hear/see it all when you come back to the "real world"! lol Thanks!
  7. I am SO thankful I am done with these! They aren't SUPER hard, but you have to plan! I used a template I found on here and customized the writing/decor to fit my style! I used WORD and then had Staples print them out on some nice card stock I found at Hobby Lobby. It cost about $25 for the paper (35 sheets), $30 printing (color/1 side) and then I bought a paper cutter, corner rounder and a perforater all for about $20. My FI and I cut them out and they turned out awesome! For about 100 save the dates, we spent under $80, which means I didn't even spend $1 on each! If you even THINK you can make them yourself- its worth it! Plus, my FI and I had fun finishing them together!
  8. This gives me hope for my own DIY boarding passes! Thanks for sharing! (p.s Did you have someone print them or did you print them yourself? Thanks!
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