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  1. Thank you!! Yea they are wearing linen pants.....I bought them in the summer time from Old Navy I know if I waited till a few monthe before I wouldnt be able to have a selection really
  2. FYI Pilar moved my chair bows from the ceremony to the reception wuth no charge...fight for it!
  3. My hair is very long so it took her 2 hours when they quoted me 1 the make up took about 10 min....My moh was at 12 i was at 1 and my mom should have been at 230.. The house is just down the beach you can see it from the resort
  4. Thanks! I have no idea what the womens name was that did my hair because she did not speak english!! So be sure to bring a picture!! And she is the one that does the makeup too. my appointment ran an hour late.......the wedding started at 4pm and they finished my mom's hair at 3:50!! but other then that it was good
  5. IMMM BACK!!! It was AMAZING!!! Everything was perfecto!!! best week of our lives for sure!!! My photographer posted a few of our pictures on their blog if you want to check them out it is www.hinkleyphotoblog.com we should be the first ones but it not the names are Amie & Mark
  6. I am so excited!! we leave on Saturday!! What date do you arrive? congrats on the new baby!! I too had some people back out last minute.......annoying!!!! Well good luck in the home streach!!!
  7. we leave in a week from saturday we arrive at noon time at the resort but check in is not till 3 so I emailed the resort and they were able to give me and 2 other couples that arrive at the same time early check in!!! and also confirm that we will get a king size bed and not 2 doubles yay!
  8. my carrie on "wedding supply" bag is packed lol it has my shot glasses for the toast, welcome letters, chair shashes, canopy fabric, Bubba Kegs, weddign music, maid of honor gift, take away cake boxes, seating chart, place cards, and will soon have my sand ceremony set. oh it has one copy for our wedding script and vows (the other copy will be in my checked bag....just in case.......thats what i have packed so for lol! all i have left to get is my wedding earings and my waterproof TTD eye makeup
  9. my wedding is Feb 11, 2011 we are having our ceremony on the beach but I too was worried about eating on the sand with the wind and all....so we will be eating on the terrace!! cant wait!!!! we leave 18 days OMG
  10. Earlier last year the hotel had just changed ownership and changed their name so I think a lot of us got a lower price because they were trying to attract people to the resort. So im not surprised that the prices have gone up. On a happier note my wedding night outfit came today it has benn backorderd since december, but it is finally HERE!!!!! 24 more days till we leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Just sent Pilar my final wedding planning form.....hopefully she still honors all the changed we made along the way!! less then 50 days to go!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!
  12. we are sending our guests their travel mugs with our pre wedding mailing, so everyone can bring their own mug down....it is easy to pack one mug so I gont think anyone willl mind! there is also a section in the pre wedding mailing anout the mug and what its for.
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