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April 2011 Brides

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#3951 kitty25967

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    Posted 15 February 2011 - 01:56 PM

    Question regarding ceremony music.  Though I am very un-traditional (hence a DW!)  I do kind of like the idea of playing "here comes the bride" for my processional.  Is that odd for a beach wedding?  I just listened to it and got chills.  I can't wait to be THE Bride.  I've been in and to a lot of weddings and it's finally my turn!  This may have already been discussed so sorry.  Just listen to it and you will get excited as well!  I want to play "fun" music for the rest.  Is anyone else using traditional music?



    #3952 lsmith211

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      Posted 15 February 2011 - 02:56 PM

      I don't think it's weird to use "Here Comes the Bride" for a beach wedding - especially if it gives you chills!


      We're using very untraditional music - our whole ceremony is Dave Matthews and Ben Harper - we're huge fans and travel to at least 3 Dave Matthews shows a year, so for us it's really meaningful

      #3953 lisadias

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        Posted 15 February 2011 - 03:24 PM

        I am not too traditional either but I think I am using this bridal march by Jonathan Cain from Journey.


        #3954 primavera

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          Posted 15 February 2011 - 03:41 PM

          I don't think that it is weird!

          Lisa, that version is beautiful!

          I am walking in to Somewhere over the rainbow with Israel Kamakawiwo. I am not a traditional bride at all, and in Sweden we don't walk in to Here comes the Bride, so it is different for me I guess. Not sure how to time it right though, it is a pretty long version. I will have to talk to my brother, the music producer, about that.

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          #3955 mochamakes3

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            Posted 15 February 2011 - 07:13 PM

            I just had to come on here quickly to make you all laugh. I was putting another iron-on onto a bikini bottom and melted right through the whole swimsuit. I'm so glad it was just a cheap one from Walmart so I was able to laugh when it happened. Thank goodness it was only $7! But now I still have to buy another bottom and try again. ha ha! Oh and now the iron has a rhinestone "E" stuck to it. Not too sure how to explain that one to the hotel.

            #3956 KathyW

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              Posted 15 February 2011 - 07:38 PM

              Hey girls,

              Just wanted to post real quick before heading to bed... starting my work week tomorrow..Blah

              So I started doing a lil tanning/spray tan and am using Oxyelite Pro (its amazing!) and went to pick up my dress after having the train shortened and tonight was the first time I tried it on and actually didnt feel fat and gross! Its amazing how a little tan makes you feel so much better about your body and the fat seems to be less noticeable (also lost a few lbs after starting the OxyPro) ...lol So anyway I am FINALLY happy with my dress and will stop looking for more! lol


              Another thing, has anyone used any eyelash growth product? I have been researching it online and my friend uses Revitalash..I found one online that has really good reviews its call Lashipix. I think Im gonna buy it and see how it works. Has anyone else used anything thats working?


              Good night ladies!

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              #3957 Teira1031

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                Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:12 PM

                I cannot keep up with you ladies! i think i have 200 posts to read!! but ive been dying to share this ALL freaking day! I was on facebook today and Bella Femme Photography posted one of my BD pics as a teaser!!! and i'm in LOVE and cannot wait to see the rest... so here it is...


                #3958 tris

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                  Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:49 PM

                  Teira!! I LOVE the pic!

                  SO, I got my unedited BD proofs today! She uploaded all 200-some pics and I get to choose my top 15 for her to edit and make all amazing :). So these are literally right off the camera. I'm so happy with them I had trouble picking 15!

                  If anyone wants to see, PM me and I'll send you my password to the photobucket album I uploaded them to. I'm not too comfortable posting them on here but I'd love to share ;)


                  Oh, here's my fav. She caught me laughing :) (this is totally cropped btw, full *covered* boobage in the actual pic, haha)


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                  #3959 Teira1031

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                    Posted 15 February 2011 - 09:54 PM

                    Tris you look beautiful! Such a natural smile in that picture! I DEFINITELY want to see the rest of yours! PMing you now for the photobucket info :)

                    #3960 lisadias

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                      Posted 16 February 2011 - 04:27 AM

                      Girls those look great so far, can't wait to see the rest!

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