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  1. Lua - I use MP3 Rocket - it's free downloads directly from youtube. I've always had good luck finding original/studio versions of songs on there.....
  2. Hi Cupcake, I guess it could be an issue if your wedding is during "off season" like in the summer months because they might decrease their staff when the resort isn't as busy? I got married in April, so they were fully staffed and everything was opened.... And there was 1 wedding in the Grill during our dinner, but there were only 15 of them, so maybe that's why they could fit us in.... But I would definitely ask!
  3. We had a "rehearsal dinner" of sorts - we didn't actually have a rehearsal, but I wanted our whole group to have 1 meal together besides the wedding, so we arranged for everyone to have dinner at the Grill the night before the wedding. We had a group of 54, and I just emailed Public Relations 2 weeks before the wedding and requested it and they said no problem. No one mentioned a fee, and we didn't have to pay anything for it. They set us up at 3 large table, and they even gave us all champagne to celebrate with.... Their email is prexecutivebpjam@bahia-principe.com and I was dealing
  4. Congrats Erin - so happy for you!!!!
  5. I got mine from www.wedideas.com and they were great, and the cheapest I found.... I got my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets and a hair flower. Including shipping to Canada it came to $200.... And people kept trying to smell them all night!
  6. That's so exciting - I just put in my photo book order with them on Saturday, and I ordered a few enlargements to frame as well - I can't wait to get them! I ended up getting a pretty big book with 76 pages, so with shipping it was about $150, so it's so good to hear that it's good quality!! But it says my book is Lustre Print, so I expected glossy pages- oh well, as long as it's nice I don't care what the finish is.... Thanks for keeping me updated!
  7. Sweet - thanks for the info!! Just got my pics last night so I'll get to work on my book this weekend
  8. Oh perfect!!! Thanks so much for the info - I'm still waiting to get the discs of our photos, and I'm going to order my photo book as soon as I get them... Too bad I'm going to miss out on the 20% deal. I'll order my enlargements from them now too, now that I have your review!!!
  9. That's my dress and I loved it!!! I had second thoughts like a lot you mentioned, but once I had it altered I realized it was perfect!
  10. Hi BusyBee, FleetMac Bride is right - the gazebo is $250 alone, or $500 including the DJ. I'm not sure about requests for the DJ, I'm sure he'd play what you want (if he has it) since it's your wedding, but at the disco they didn't play any songs we requested! We didn't ask him what music he had - we knew we wanted our own playlist from the beginning. The only time we heard his music was while my sister ran up to the room to get her ipod.... I wasn't looking forward to making my own playlist either, but my sister offered to do it for me in lieu of a wedding gift so it worked out
  11. Hi sskelly - I emailed Chandlyn about a month before the wedding and told her that I wanted the Italian and she wrote back saying I could have it. I don't think they contact you to advise - you should email her and let her know your preference. As for candles, I'm not sure - we didn't have any.... I brought table overlays, seashells, sand dollars and starfish, and just had them scattered on the tables instead of center pieces, so we didn't have candles. I also didn't do seating charts or anything, so I didn't request the tables set up a certain way. I just kept everything casual and let p
  12. I know a lot of you asked Katelyn questions about the gazebo - thought I'd throw my 2 cents in and hopefully give you guys some info you can use: First- we got the DJ and his music was awful!!! Luckily we did our own playlist and gave him our ipod and got him to play all of it - his stuff was like all crazy remixes and stuff (we only listened for as long as it took to run up to our room to get the ipod - he didn't want to play the CDs we had with us - but he will if that's all you have....)...... But, I will say that the sound system was amazing, and in my opinion totally worth the ex
  13. Meggers - great Etsy find, I love it!!! Brandy, can you let me know how your adoramapix photos turn out? That's who I plan to make my book with as well, but I'd love to hear about the picture quality first......
  14. Hahaha - luckily he was too sick to eat all day, so it was only water that came up!!
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