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I love love loved looking at your photos.

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun.

So i'm thinking perhaps we should meet for drinks or something in Boston, I have so many questions and you have been so wonderfully helpful I would love to meet you in person.

Anyone else in the area that might be able to join?



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Phil charged me $2600.  That included everything: our TTD session which was about 3-4 hours, a full day of photography on the wedding day, and ALL of our digital images re-touched on DVDs (almost 2000 in all).  Also, Phil was really great about helping me plan details and the time line for the wedding day, which was invaluable since you're planning a HUGE day in another country :)



I would love to meet up with you!  And anyone else in the Boston area :)  Lets plan something!



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Wedding Ruined by Incompetence and Mismanagement at Jellyfish


Recently our excitement about having a Caribbean wedding has been crushed due to a incompetent and cowardly manager at Jellyfish. 

Previously Jellyfish has been one of our favourite places to have a special dinner (we even got engaged there), so naturally we thought it would be a great place also to hold the wedding.

On contacting management we started to discuss dates for the wedding and originally the date we wanted was taken, but after two weeks we were told that there has been a cancellation and this date is now available.  We responded straight away and were confirmed that this date was ours.

We then had several meetings with the “manager†and discussed decoration, menu ect... all seemed to be fine with us continually told that “ donâ€t worry your date is confirmed I will get the final quote to you soon...â€


After about 6 weeks and many excuses of why the quote has not been completed yet, we finally received it. All fine except the wrong date!

The reply when we question this was “well the original person who cancelled wanted this date again, so I gave you the Sunday night instead of the Saturday nightâ€.

A disgrace! No apology, admitting that she stuffed up and double booked, nothing and to the expectation that after 2 months of being told that the date was ours we should just accept her change of date, pitiful.

And the real reason for us losing the date?? Maybe more money was offered for that date? And a little more commission for her?


We are now left in the position with a full guest list who have booked flights (some from Australia), accommodation and now only 5 months to scramble together another location all because one careless, spineless girl couldnâ€t do her job properly.



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Hello ladies!


I know this is a common complaint, but I have not heard anything from Mayte for about a month. I sent her an email asking her for a pre-invoice and information about the deposit. I know when she says the date is held it is, but the 2 brides on here with the same date has made me extra paranoid! :) Has anyone else heard from her lately? I just really want to put some type of deposit on the date to releave this stress...




65 booked!!

January 7th, 2012 at Jellyfish

Majestic Elegance 

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Originally Posted by MNtoMX View Post


We finally booked our trip last week (Majestic Elegance), paid the deposit to Jellyfish and updated the website! I feel a little more settled but still have to get invites picked out and sent!




Dreamspb11711 ~ 7/11/2011

Jen & Bryan ~ 10/11/2011

Jessica & Steven ~ 12/11/2011

Digado ~ 19/11/2011

Melissa & Bruce ~ 27/11/2011

PJ & Jen ~ 07/01/2012

SheriO & John ~ 02/20/2012

Yvon & JC ~ 02/21/2012

Carrie & Mark (candm2012) ~ 01/03/2012

Alex & Mike - 23/04/2012

Dariann & Rocky- 03/02/2012

Melitza & Keith- 5/11/2012





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Sorry to hear about your experience, but with all the POSITIVE reviews brides give regarding The Jellyfish and Mayte, it seems as if you are basing your post on assumptions, with all the weddings The Jellyfish does, I highly doubt Mayte would be getting "more money" or "more commission".  Also, the fact that you have only posted 2 posts on BDW, it seems as if you only joined to post negatively.  I know someone who tried to book a wedding with the Jellyfish, Mayte called the bride that was already booked without a deposit to confirm her date, and informed the other bride that the date she was requesting was not available.

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I'm from Boston and will be moving back after my fiance gets out of the Army.. but all my wedding planning has been from back home and we're flying out with everyone from Logan.. we could plan something right after my wedding in November since we'll still be back home for a few days.

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