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  1. HI venus909, Yes, the price on the menu does include sides and they can pick which one they want as well. I also have the menu and the prices are the same. If you notice in one of my pics, there is a revised smaller version of their menu on the table. No price, appetizer, dessert and any dish over $30 was included. Depending on how many people you have this really worked out great for us.
  2. Just realized i wrote bacon wrapped butterfly shrimp twice, disregard plz, lol
  3. Hi cinnagirl, Thank you!! I was also considering to rent the jellyfish exclusively. Iam happy i didn't, since i didn't feel like it was worth the extra money personally. Mayte told me it really wasn't worth it and she was sooo right. She told me anyone eating upstairs (which i didn't even notice) would be escorted right out. Actually, it was Mayte who suggested we do a la carte instead. We only had 30ppl. So much better this way since it wasn't so many people. Everything came out in a orderly fashion except those who ordered the filet mignon, maybe 4 guests in total, but that was only a 5 minute delay. This gave our guest so many options and they were so pleased not to have a set menu! Any other questions please just ask
  4. Hi laurenann, I had a small ceasar salad for everyone for starters for dinner, then everyone had the option to pick from the revised jellyfish menus that Mayte made for us. Now keep in mind that the menu was altered to just a dinner menu everything $30 and under (which was pretty much everything on the menu minus lobster dishes and so on), and also minus any appetizers as well. For the cocktail hour on the beach i had them pass around buttery shrimp (bacon wrapped) wrapped in bacon, chicken strips and hot pockets (spinach and ricotta cheese) all delicious!!! Some of my guest ordered the filet mignon and jellyfish steak and said it was amazing... as well as the fish entrees. For 30 guests just dinner al la carte alone came to around $960 (ceasar salad included), which was less than i was hoping for. Our ceremony stared at 6:00p.m. so we did our welcome drink, wine and beer for the cocktail hour and dinner as well. Then from 9:00-11:00 open bar (no one really drinks hard liquor during dinner anyways). Their set menu 1 would have put us over alone. In my opinion this is definitely the way to go. You can reach photophil at www.steingardstudios.com. Not sure if he will still be down in D.R. around July since he's from Canada tho. Any more questions please just ask!
  5. Thx cnd29! Best wishes on your upcoming wedding! Enjoy!
  6. Thank you Aquacait! We also stayed at the elegance, i wish i could do it all over again, goes by sooo fast. The food was so good there too!! the fire dancer were awesome. we're so happy we got them at the last minute. They are def worth the money. it was such a treat for our guest!.
  7. All i have to say is that Mayte is AMAZING!!!!! She is so super busy making everyones day special! i just don't know how she does it. She exceded all of my expectations on every detail i sent her. we had 30ppl at our wedding and it was perfect. We had pastor york, photophil as our photographer and dj mannia. AquaCait, we were there on your wedding day for our meeting, everything looked so beautiful, congrats! We opted to do al carte, which was perfect! Mayte, reprinted a menu for us. I asked her to remove any appetizers and any dish over $30 per plate. everyone was so pleased to have so many options. if you have any questions, just let me know.
  8. Can anyone tell me how payment works? for instance, can we use a visa card and make multiple transactions to pay at the end of the night? (since mayte informed me they can only do $1000 per transactions for visa cards). just curious. thx
  9. Hi all, just curious, was wondering if anyone minds sharing if they are or did from the JF set menu? or have picked directly from their regular menu instead. And is it a big differnce in $$. Having such a hard time deciding!!! Thanks!
  10. Just wondering, is the quote of decorations still $500? Does anybody know what the new prices are? I got my pre-invoice last year, just want to make sure there's no surprises.
  11. Hi jlarruda, I was wondering which 3 entrees you picked and around how much did it ended costing at the end with the salad? did mayte then print it out as a place menu for your guests? thanks so much!
  12. Hi cnd29. I believe mayte was off for 3 weeks in december but should be back this week. so don;t be concerned iam sure she'll get back to u soon.
  13. Congrats marirocks, ur pictures are beautiful! did you rent out the bottom of the restuarant? and were there people that were not your guests upstairs?
  14. Hi Meg, Your pictures are so beautiful! Phil is amazing! What time was your ceremony? 5-11-2012 jellyfish
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