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MyPublisher vs. SharedInk

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I don't know if there's been a discussion about this yet, but since I now have books from both companies I thought I'd share my experience.


I ordered a MyPublisher book (we actually 2- I had a BOGOF coupon) and just got it today. It's pics from my brother's graduation at Lackland Air Force Base. The book is here if you're interested in seeing it: MyPublisher BookStore

I definitely didn't spend much time putting this book together, the layouts are nice and easy to use. It arrived to my house exactly one week after I placed the order.


I also have two photobooks from SharedInk. My engagement pics and BD pics. Those usually take about 3 weeks to arrive. There are pics of those books on here somewhere!


Overall, I think the MyPublisher book is of good quality, and because so many people on here have used this company I was starting to worry that I'd paid waaayy too much money for my photographer account on SharedInk. But, I just think that SharedInk books are better quality. When I look at the MyPublisher book's binding, the pages aren't even (only noticeable when you look directly at the spine, not the main pages), the binding isn't perfectly straight, and it just doesn't seem as "sturdy" to me. I was hoping I would like MyPublisher better because it's a little cheaper than SharedInk, especially if you're making tons of pages and want multiple books.


Just an FYI for those that may be debating which company to use to make you own wedding photobooks. I'm sure I'll use MyPublisher again for random photobooks (like I did this time), but I'll definitely make my wedding book at SharedInk.

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I paid around $70 for my approx 8x11, 50 page MyPublisher book. Well, actually it was buy one get one free, so cut that in half.


I paid over $200 for my 35 page 12x12 leather cover engagement book, and around $100 for my 12x18 linen cover 20 page bd book.


My Publisher is definitely cheaper. SharedInk never has sales!

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Yeah, I figured this would be the outcome. But, the MP sale was so good, and I figured my bro's book would be a good one to try it out on.


I'm not disappointed in the quality- I think the quality is very good. SharedInk is just better!

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