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Dreams PV Question- Guests Day Pass

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#1 PVBride2010

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    Posted 01 March 2010 - 12:21 PM

    Hi guys does anyone know about the charges for guests day passes if they are not staying at the resort? I was under the impression that if you had the Ultimate Wedding Package that includes drinks & dinner for 20 people that it included people whether they stayed at the hotel or not & they only paid the day pass if they were going to be at the resort all day & use their amentities & they didn't have to purchase day pass if they arrived 30 min prior to ceremony. I'm very confused, everytime I think I understand something fully about the wedding at Dreams, it ends up being something else!

    #2 ~Jessica~

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      Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:10 PM

      Veronica, I would write Rebeca an email she should be able to give you the clearest answer!

      #3 PVBride2010

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        Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:19 PM

        I know, I did email her & this was her response:

        (my Q)Some of my guests are staying off the resort, as long as they arrive 30 minutes before ceremony, they do not have to purchase a day pass, right?

        [Rebeca] if you will be covering their wedding pass, then no, they will not have to pay for it, since you will be charged for. The wedding pass is $75 usd covering their meals and drinks at the reception.

        I am going to have to go through my paperwork & emails because I swear I have somewhere that the package included all guests no matter where they stayed but I could be wrong!

        #4 **Kat**

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          Posted 01 March 2010 - 01:26 PM

          I emailed the resort and asked about this already
          Here is what the email said

          Dear Kathy,

          We have some day passes as well as WEdding passes for your guests not staying in property, the fees are as follow:

          Morning pass - $72 usd from 9 am to 7 pm

          Full day pass - $105 usd from 9 am to 11 pm

          Night pass - $53 usd from 7 pm to 1 am

          Wedding pass $80 usd access 45 minutes the ceremony and 45 minutes after the reception dinner with food and beverage from the event.

          Let me know if that helped or if you need more information.


          Rebeca Gonzalez

          Wedding Coordinator / Coordinadora de Bodas

          Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

          Tel: 322 226-5000 ext 5950

          Fax 322 221-6000

          AMResorts.com - Providing Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun® at Secrets, Dreams and Sunscape Resorts & Spas

          #5 PVBride2010

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            Posted 01 March 2010 - 02:55 PM

            Wow thanks guys, it nice to compare what they say from one bride to another! I never want them to just suddenly change prices like they have on some other things!

            Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

            #6 allyson779

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              Posted 02 March 2010 - 04:41 PM

              I was also quoted $80 per person , but after reading a couple of posts from trip advisor we are strongly urging our guests to stay at the resort....
              (Sorry, I could not get the link to work so I just did a copy & paste. The entry below is from 01/17/2010)

              "My wife and I were invited to attend a destination wedding at the Dreams Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta in January of 2010. By the time we made a decision to go, there were no rooms left at the resort so we stayed at another hotel in Puerto Vallarta. We didn't think that this would be a big deal, but the Dreams Resort staff obviously thought differently. To begin with, there was an $89.00 USD fee for any and all wedding guests not staying at the resort. This fee was supposed to cover the cost of attending the wedding ceremony and the dinner reception and be good for an afternoon pass (from 4pm to midnight) to the resort. What a great way to showcase the resort and all that it has to offer - not! My wife and I arrived promptly at 4pm and the wedding was scheduled to begin at 5pm. First, the security staff would not allow us to enter the resort, even though our names were on the printed guest list and we showed our ID - they demanded that we leave our identification at the gate. Normally, this would not have been a problem, but all I had was a govenment issued driver's license and I did not want to take a chance on losing it in Mexico. In spite of our pleadings, the resort would not bend on their demand, and so we had no other choice if we wanted to attend the wedding. To add insult to injury, they then required us to complete a Hotel Registration Card at the front desk, and again asked for identification which was left with security at the front gate. What a great way to start a beautiful day - not!

              The location of the resort is in a very beautiful and remote spot - and the resort had set up a gazebo for the wedding right next to the beach - again, very beautiful. The unfortunate part here is that the waves were so loud that no one could hear the wedding vows which the bride and groom had written themselves. This could be easily fixed with a microphone and a speaker system, but the resort is probably too cheap to consider such an easy fix.

              After the ceremony, we proceeded to the dinner; and again the setting was beautiful. Unfortunately, the outdoor dining area was located so far from the kitchen that the food was cold by the time it reached our tables. A little later in the evening I had to go to the front desk to inquire about changing some Canadian money into pesos so that we could spend some money at the resort, and the Front counter staff asked for ID first - which I could not provide because security had my ID at the front gate - go figure. The staff at the Front desk was rude and treated me like my request was an imposition.

              Finally, some of our family staying at the resort decided to give us a tour which ended at one of the lounges. We thought that this would be a nice way to end the evening after travelling so far for this destination wedding; but again, I was wrong! While sitting in the lounge with my family I noticed a very officious looking individual walking in my direction (which I thought was really strange until he opened his mouth). It was the night manager and he said, "Senor Johnson?" Surprisingly, I replied, "Si?" He then said in a very direct tone, "Your pass expired at 1130pm and it is now 1140 pm - it is time for you and your wife to leave!" We were all shocked, but like a polite Canadian that I am, I finished my drink, tipped the waitress (I was the only one that did so), and my wife and I left the resort. It is too bad that they didn't ask the young drunk who was causing quite a commotion at the bar to do the same, but I guess he was staying at the resort and therefore his behaviour was deemed acceptable! Oh ya, I forgot to mention that the young bellhop that called for our cab was quite rude as well and he tried to suggest that our return cab fare was going to be120 pesos when the sign at the desk said 80 pesos, but by this time it really didn't matter anymore. On the flip side, the bride and groom were so busy and in love on this special day of their's that they likely didn't know what we had experienced - and I am glad for that because this was their day. I just won't recommend this resort to anyone who may ask, because for us it was a bad Dreams resort! Adios and vaya con dios!

              I would hate to have any of our family/friends experience this.
              Bride & Groom plus 86 booked!!!

              #7 **Kat**

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                Posted 02 March 2010 - 05:01 PM

                OH wow! that sounds awful!

                #8 1elephant

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                  Posted 03 March 2010 - 09:34 PM

                  we strongly urged our guests to stay at our hotel too. basically, we told them that they'd have to arrange transportation and pay for the guest pass, and that it would be a pain in the neck. everyone stayed with us.

                  #9 KarenM

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                    Posted 18 March 2010 - 03:57 PM

                    ugh. I'm starting to worry about this b/c we have at least 2 ppl, maybe more, who decided to be difficult & not stay at the hotel. I'm kind of annoyed by this, but I know it's their vacation too so whatever. I just don't want them to be hassled or told to leave 10 min after their "pass" expires. Give me a break!! I'll have to talk to Rebeca about this one.

                    #10 autjo

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                      Posted 18 March 2010 - 04:20 PM

                      We didn't even give our guests the option to book anywhere else. One person mentioned it and I told him he could stay home if he didn't book at Dreams. I'm such a B :)

                      Karen ~ I would talk to Rebeca, save everything she says and have copies of it with you. I would also warn your guests that Dreams is very time conscious and to not be surprised if they are asked to leave once the pass expires. Once again it is their loss for not staying at the resort and enjoying the time with family and friends!

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