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Posted my Save the date video card and website!

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Maybe it was just the excitement of FINALLY booking a venue (rosewood)

but i just couldn't wait to send the info out! I know I'll be doing tons of paper DIY projects come invitation time so I thought why not an digital save-the-date? Our guests are young, we all keep in touch via email and I really wanted them to get excited about our wedding - so I made a photo slideshow using imovie.


here's the email i sent our guests - inside it had a link that jumped to the video:

Click the image to open in full size.


the video link: Save the date | 10.10.10


I love watching it and even saved it as a little movie to watch on my iphone whenever I need a pick-me-up :)


the website is still a work in progress but I did get it started!



I love seeing everyone's ideas and projects so I thought I would share and hopefully inspire other brides who are thinking of going green and doing a digital save the date :) thanks everyone!

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Originally Posted by mbarnes04 View Post
that is so freaking awesome... how did you do that?
I did it in imovie - I just dropped a bunch of pictures and tried my best to time it to the music. There's even a template that does that map animation from New york to Mexico which was really cool. I pulled photos of the resort from flickr and some where my own personal photos I took from when we visited. All the type and transitions are done in imovie - it's crazy how much you can do with imovie!

Thanks for compliments everyone!

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