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  1. ahh this video brings back memories! if you guys want to see all the aspects of our day, feel free to head over to my website. there's tons of pics and the videos especially are a treat http://wedding.eunicejkindred.com/ feel free to email me with any questions too!
  2. Maybe head into playa if you want a party atmosphere.. otherwise Fairmont is pretty chill too.
  3. I have to thank everyone on BDW first because I don't think my wedding would have turned out as amazing without the posts, tips, referrals, and vendors on here. From the gift bags, to tags, to makeup and event decor - I got 90% of the idea or referrals from BDW. Thank you, ladies - you are amazing! I don't think the hubby and I have gone a week without mentioning mexico or the wedding since it happened more than 6months ago. the friends are still talking about it. our families are still bragging about it. craziness. Anyhow, I just wanted to share a site I just designed for our families, friends, AND vendors to look back and remember the good times. We get so wrapped up in the planning (and rightly so!) that after the big day, it's like a relief in a way that its over. Our videographer just sent us our final wedding film (break out the tissues - its the last one listed under the videos tab) and rather than just send a link to guests, i thought, let me organize everything..so its like a digital scrapbook for everyone (including myself) to look back upon. so everything from the save the date to the engagement party pics to the wedding pics were gathered and organized onto this site. I even did a behind the scenes collage of our engagement video shoot and spotlighted our dinner menu, etc... If any brides out there want details of what I created (the hubby and i planned the entire event - and I did all the graphic design and paper goods) or of vendors I used feel free to ask or PM me..I'd be more than happy to share any info. I got married at the Rosewood Mayakoba on 10-10-10 (and it was unbelieveable) Enjoy! the site: http://wedding.eunicejkindred.com (a few screenshots)
  4. It's gorgeous and amazing. I got married there on 10-10-10. Feel free to take a look at my site for details! wedding.eunicejkindred.com
  5. I second that - lean is better because it's emphasis is on cardio which will generate an overall slimming down effect... great for toning up as well. good luck! I blogged about our p90x experience (and we're doing a giveaway that ends today!) http://ssfitexpress.blogspot.com
  6. Yes you have to eat more on P90x - and in general with an aggressive program like P90x - you literally have to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. For recovery drink - I read that chocolate milk also makes an excellent reovery drink. breakfast i eat "big" like an egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes and maybe an english muffin.
  7. Rosewood hands down. there's no comparison. the service they offer is nothing you've experienced before- seriously... send me a pm if you want more details. They go above and beyond. I had 30 people total. The cost is based on how much you want to spend. We went all out and offered one of the higher dinner options (5-course meal) with open bar. The food is sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood. I do have to warn that the rosewood is much more expensive than the fairmont but for good reason (guest to staff ratio is like 1:1). I had some guests stay at the fairmont since the room rates were cheaper but it is in the same mayakoba complex as the rosewood and they offer free suv shuttle service between the hotels. The guests who did stay at the rosewood with us can not stop talking about their time there and are already planning return vacations there we had a welcome pool party at the casa de lago pool (the main pool) with roasted pig and mexican food (amazing) which had a chef there cooking quesadillas and enchiladas and everything right there made-to-order. My hair and makeup was by norma fernandez <nor_maccancun@hotmail.com> who works for MAC in cancun. affordable and equally amazing. She brought an assistant to do hair and total i paid $175 but it's quite possible her rates may have went up since she's in high demand. I would contact Rosewood Mayakoba and ask for Tulio Baruch - he's outstanding and really did an excellent job handling all our vendors and requests. the staff is amazing.
  8. Oh that's unfortunate - good luck - i'm sure you will look beautiful! For other brides on the hunt for makeup/hair artists: Our hotel had preferred vendors as well. I don't know if it's just me but for things like hair and makeup (in the grand scheme of things) I don't think they apply in terms of vendor fees. I can see for furniture rentals, decor, florists, etc ..yes there's a reason why you use the hotel vendors (they have to work together in the event setup) but for things so personal as a makeup artist - I can't see them imposing a vendor fee on you... If I said I had a friend who lives in Cancun who's coming to do my makeup I wouldn't even entertain my hotel saying they would impose a vendor fee... seriously? this is my face we're talking about lol. If I thought it was going to be an issue, I wouldn't even tell them about the makeup artist. I would just tell the makeup artist to come to my room at designated time and pay them cash and be done with it. If you wanted to further circumvent the issue you could pay via paypal so there's no money exchange at the site. Don't forget you are in control - you are bringing the hotel business by having your wedding there. I think it's easy for them to concede on things like vendor fee on makeup artists.
  9. thanks everyone! you guys are so sweet And almost a month later I want to say i still watch it at least 1-2x a day lol. And now its worse because i've figured out a way to put it on my iphone so i watch it whenever i'm waiting or in transit.
  10. I'm back from our beautiful wedding at the Rosewood Mayakoba (review to come) but i seriously can't stop watching this video our video team put together. We did a same day edit meaning they filmed and edited and showed the video all in the same day. After our beach party we had a projector screen on the beach and served burgers and fries. Everyone was surprised and amazed. I just had to share! http://www.princeandeunice.com/101010.html
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