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Originally Posted by Julesr View Post
I made that one myself, feel free to use it, or not, its all good.

You will send it to printers if you are having something printed, or just copy and paste it in word or other programs. I would email it to you, so you have the real file though, not just the picture on here.
Can you email it to me? My email is lizz10179@yahoo.com.

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Originally Posted by lizz10179 View Post
I'll take a look at Creative Montage and the other one too...thanks for the idea!

Heidi - if you have time, that would be great. My wedding is still 10 months away, so no rush. No real color theme yet, I'm thinking a white circle with a palm tree. Thanks for the offer!

This may sound really dumb, but once I get a logo, how to get it on things, like canvas bags and stuff? Sorry, I'm not really good with this...
Once you have a logo, you can print it onto iron on paper (available at office supply stores), and then iron it on to a cavas bag....or a tee....or whatever your little creative heart desires. Another fun and sassy idea is to print multiples of your logo onto sticker paper (off. supply stores) and cut them out for envelope seals, or for decorating bottles filled with sunscreen....and so on and so on. Main thing is to check out your office supply store....and then you're off and running.

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Wow! You guys are great! Would you mind helping me with mine! I tried using powerpoint...and..well..i am NOT a computer person! lol. It ended up looking dumb, with just letters and no image. Our info is:

Lisa and Greg

Sandals Hicacos, Cuba

December 5 2008


Thanks for any help!!!!! You guys are the best!

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Would some one be so kind and design a logo for us. I have tried and i am really bad at the computer thing!!! And i do not have power point....

I am looking for a logo with palm trees. Colours are orange and blue.

Here is the info..

Julie & Bill

Cabo San Lucas



Thanks so much!!!!!

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