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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by scharke Here's the skinny: Blue Parrot - Calle 12 Avenida 1 - yes this is tourist heaven. You'll find other tourists and Mexican boys looking to pick up tourist girls here. Of course you find that everywhere. The fire show starts at about 11PM. I believe it's free to get in before 9, it's $10 after but you get two beers with that. Fusion - Calle 6 Avenida 1 - This is a good place to start with tables on the beach, a funky vibe and often live music. Bali - Calle 12 between Avenida 5 y 10 - This is a dance club with lights and fog and videos and performers throughout the night. It's well done. Usually starts after 11. You get the full range of people here. La Santenara - Calle 12 between Avenida 5 y 10 - This is straight up dancing with good DJs. Two different styles of music inside and out. More locals and Playa regulars here. Starts at 1AM. El Cielo - Calle 12 between Avenida1 y 5 - Haven't been there yet but it looks really cool with three levels and cool architecture. Check it out for me and post it here. Great thanks for the info
  2. We are taking our guests to Coco Bongo one night in Cancun and would also like to take everyone out one night in Playa del Carmen. I am not too familiar with the night life in PDC, does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by cheese_diva Pashminas- ordered with BDW group in aqua. These will be placed in a basket at the reception. Pashmina Stickers: Printed two stickers and cut brown ribbon. Backed stickers up over ribbon and will roll and tie on pashminas when we get to mexico Luminary bags- bought small white paper bags from ebay. Much smaller than I thought, but did test and the house did not start on fire. Bought cheap white voties from Linens –n- Things Used decorative punch along top. Flip Flops (dancing shoes)- Old Navy $2 each Stickers printed and punched with circle punch. One foot shoes size, the other Dancing shoes. Flip Flop Sign Frame: Michael’s These will go in a large basket at Reception. Just guessed on sizes. Flip Flops don’t need to be exact. Newsletter- guests loved this and thought the translations section was great! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...late-help.html Welcome Letter Haven’t printed this yet but bought beachy paper and will just roll. Postcards – print at VistaPrint.com Photos from fellow BDW girls. Put two of each, 3 different designs into plastic bag for guests to have. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...postcards.html Koozies for OOT Bags- Not a DIY Where did you purchase the Koozie's from? I love them. Also could you post the "Welcome Letter" when you are done? I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks so much for sharing, you are so prepared!!
  4. I'm interested in the tiara. Please contact me & let me know about payment. Thanks
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kiahjane Hi, I am also getting married at the Paradisus and I was directed through Miguel Angel to Claudia Rodriguez for photography. I understand that he is her husband and does the initial bookings for her I believe. I have just started working directly with her via my initial contact with him. I was concerned, though, that she quoted me a higher price than the Paradisus did. Just waiting to hear back from her to straighten that out. Who are you dealing with at the PRC? I am dealing with Perla, getting married 4/18/08. We're going down next month to meet her and finalize location, etc. Good luck! Claire We have been dealing with Perla mostly and a few emails with Elisa. My travel agent has actually made most of the contact & arrangements w/ the resort, which has made my planning so much easier!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Hopels I'm not feeling computer savvy this morning - would there be a way to use photobucket to share pics? Can you download from photobucket? What is photobucket?
  7. Thank you Yazmin. I sent an email to you. Your website is beautiful, I will be sure to share it with my friends.
  8. Thanks. My WC said he would be the photographer, maybe Claudia is booked that day. I've emailed him for more info.
  9. My wedding coordinator, Perla, at the Paradisus Riviera Cancun said the photographer they use for weddings is Miguel Angel Cantarell. Has anyone used him or seen his work?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by laur8199 The Paradisus gave me a list of photographers that they work with: Jason Brook Phone: (52)(999148143 E-mail: jpbphoto@hotmail.com Web Site : intro Antonio Díaz Phone: (52)(998451236 E-mail: antoniodiaz@sybcom.com Enrique Carriola Phone: (52)(99887 46 38 E-mail: carriola@cancun.com.mx Web Site: ::: Studio Carriola ::: -- Does anyone know anything about these photographers? Did Perla give you this list? She only gave me the name Miguel Angel Cantarell. I was looking for info on him.
  11. My wedding coordinator at the Paradisus Riviera Cancun said the photographer they use for weddings is Miguel Angel Cantarell.Has anyone used him or seen his work?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Windows Live space Windows live spaces. You create an account (simple process) and do not need to download anything, except the upload tool. All websites use an upload tool. It's an easy download. I'm mostly trying to avoid the types of downloads that change how you computer behaves. Once you have an account, it's very easy to upload pictures. You can easily download your pictures (for free) in a resolution high enough to order an 11x14 print. You can also click a button that takes you to snapfish to order prints of your pictures if you want to do it that way. So far it has everything I'm looking for. The only problem is I don't think you can create a group room like the others. Everyone would be making their own individual pages. I still need to spend more time on it. If there is a way to make a group room, I think this website would be the best option. This is everything I'm looking for in a website: -Easy for guests to upload pictures without downloading software (other tha the Active x control uploading tools) -easy option for ordering prints -ability to download a high resolution of the image if you want to photoshop it or use it in another project (preferably free) So far snapfish fits this the best, but downloads are 5 cents a picture. The snapfish download process is also easy. On some websites you have to download each picture one at a time. Snapfish allows 50 at a time. Thanks for the research. Keep us updated I would really like to find the easiest and best group sharing site for all my guests
  13. I contated Kodak easy share & this is the info they gave me. It doesn't look like guests would be able to add their photos w/out creating their own easy share album. Thank you for contacting the KODAK Gallery Customer Service Team. We appreciate your email to the Gallery regarding how to share photos with others. Sharing photos from your web site is very simple. To share photos from your web page, follow these steps: 1. You, the owner, upload pictures to your account at the Gallery. 2. Share the photo to yourself by putting your own email address in the "To" section. Be sure to uncheck the box that requires your friends to sign in from the invitation page. 3. You will receive an email notification of your shared album. The body of the message will contain the URL of your album. 4. Place the URL on your site and it will link to your shared album. Thank you for contacting the KODAK Gallery Customer Service Team. We appreciate your email back to us in regards to your shared photos. If you require your friends to sign in to view your albums, your album will be saved under a "My Friends' Albums" link. This will basically save the shared album so you are able to view that album at any time you would like. This will only apply to people that you have shared that albums with; unless that person shares that album to someone else. Shared albums (albums that you did not create yourself) cannot be edited, copied, downloaded or deleted. However, you can view photos, make comments and order Prints from shared albums. The exception is that you can make cropping adjustments to shared photos from the Cart by following the steps below: 1. Place the photo in the Cart. 2. Click “Adjust Cropping†under the photo. 3. With “Adjust Croppingâ€, you can: • Turn Zoom & Trim on/off. • Turn Kodak Perfect Touch on/off. • Zoom in and out. • Change the positioning of the photo within the preview frame. NOTE: These changes are only applied to the photos within the Cart, not to the photos within the album.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride OMG, I got my necklace, I love it!!! Can you post a picture?
  15. It looks like we still have not found the Ideal site to make it easy for everyone. I usually use Adobe photoshop, but this goes directly through Kodak & there is not a "sharing" option. I will look into the other 2 suggestions. I have received piccasso pics also but I don't know enough about this site.
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