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When to have shower???

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My sisters want to have a shower for me. I wasn't planning on having anything because of the cost for people to fly to Mexico, etc.


We are getting married in Puerto Vallarta on Nov. 3, but weren't planning on having an at home reception until the late spring, early summer.


My sisters are asking when to have the shower--before the Nov. 3 wedding or after, closer to the at home reception in the summer.


What did you girls do? What do you think? Please help? I asked this on the knot and got helpful responses, but my sister's keep asking me to make sure that I'm sure about when I want it.... and I just dont' know what most people (our guests) would prefer. Thanks so much!!

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I agree...as one who is throwing a shower, I think it just makes more sense to have it before the wedding. Even if you are having an AHR. That's what we're doing for Monica's. Her's is going to be a month before her weddding and the AHR is a few weeks after they get home.

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My girls are throwing me a shower this Saturday night, I also didn't want a shower, but they insisted. We are only having my girlfriends, sister and sister in-laws, no grammas, or moms. They are throwing a personal shower with coctails and chocolate fondue. After the shower we are heading to the bars for some dancing, the guys are doing their thing on the same night , I would imagine their thing will consist of pool and naked women, and we will meet up later. I am leaving exactly 3 weeks later. I think before is good it would just feel odd to me to be married already and then have a shower.



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