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Bridesmaid Mess and women in general!!!

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#1 Lori

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    Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:28 AM

    Once you get engaged, you always have some friends who shy away from you. Either they become extremely busy or they just don't come around like they used too. Since I have become engaged, I noticed that friends and associates have gotten so flakey. The closer I get to my wedding the more pissed off I am becoming at the rudeness and classless acts from BM's and friends.

    One BM stated that my mother was lazy for hiring a caterer and decorator for our wedding shower. (WTF)

    One BM still has not gotten her dress from LeLe (the designer) and wants me on the day of my shower, to take her for her fitting. I think not. The same bridesmaid feels that she should not help because she did not volunteer to help. The wedding is less than one month away and this heffa is trying to power play.

    One BM and childhood friend/alter ego is being a total arrogant tart. She must tell everyone how good her husband is to her and how how much money he makes. If you have to tell people your husband is good to you, maybe he is NOT.

    One BM is in the wedding with her husband and they need counseling more than we do. This is the same woman who called my mother lazy. Mind you, my mother paid 1/2 of this BM's dress. Everyone has to know about her marital problems including the woman he slept with on the job (TMI).

    Is it just me? Last week after cussing out BM #2 about her dress, I felt that I made a major mistake by inviting these women to share my day. I should have just had my sister (MOH), friend (Matron OH), and great friend (L) as BM's with no drama. I feel bad that the good BM's have to deal with the nuts I asked to be in this wedding. Maybe I was on bridal overload and wanted everyone I though I liked in this wedding. Quantity is not quality that is for sure and everyone is NOT your friend.

    People really get petty and envious. I will be glad when this is over. I purchased all BM's engraved ipods with special notes. Where is the gratitude y'all!!!!

    #2 tvt

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      Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:32 AM

      yikes! sounds like a mess tell them to shape up or ship out!

      #3 Nrvsbride

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        Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:35 AM

        Wow I can't believe your having all these problems with BM's. It seems to me that the one that is having marital problems is probably going through a tough time right now with trying to be happy with you and feeling so upset inside that her husband did something as despicable as that. Making rude comments about your mother is unacceptable! They should not be putting their two cents in if you haven't asked them for advice or opinions. And the BM who expects you to drive her to her fitting is unreal. I mean I can't believe she told you that she shouldn't have to help b/c she didn't volunteer. Does she realize that accepting a BM's position means helping out? Wow, she should be helping you out not asking you to take her places on the day of your shower. I'm sorry that you are going through all this. Hopefully things will get better and they will work out in the end.

        #4 boscobel

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          Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:40 AM

          Wow, I am sorry you are experiencing such drama from the people that you thought were you best friends. But I do beleive that people think its a competition and they want you to realize how much luckier they are then you. The weird thing is, it goes both ways. People want to top you on how much trouble you are having and how awesome your life is. I hope it all works itself out in the next month - or that you find the extreme amount of patience/tolerance that it appears that you will need. Good luck!!

          #5 LadyP

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            Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:51 AM

            I am sorry that you are experiencing such expensive drama. engraved Ipods. I'll be a bridesmaid LOL. Tell them how you feel about everything with out cursing and yelling. tell them now that if they dont want to be apart then step. You can return the ipod if you have not given them out yet.

            Sorry for the dramma

            #6 tvt

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              Posted 10 July 2007 - 11:54 AM

              i was thinking about your BM who must profess how good her husband is etc, and that is totaly BS. People don't normally walk around telling people how good things are unless they are trying to make up for something. and how annoying. like she's trying to show you up on your wedding day. ugh, now i'm mad for you!

              #7 -Kate-

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                Posted 10 July 2007 - 12:10 PM

                Can you fire them? They sound like nones of fun!

                #8 LadyP

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                  Posted 10 July 2007 - 12:12 PM

                  Girl I live close lets go get them. I just read it again and I am mad for you. You put out money for them than your wedding and they have the nerve to complain and put on air. I am so hot right now fo ryou

                  #9 DreaW

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                    Posted 10 July 2007 - 12:14 PM

                    I'm sorry this is happening to you. Is it too late to ask them to step down from their bridesmaids positions? If not then I would change them.
                    That's what I did before we decided to have no bm and gm.

                    Girls suck!!! Except for the BDW girls that is :)

                    #10 Nrvsbride

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                      Posted 10 July 2007 - 12:20 PM

                      Drea that pic is MUY CALIENTE! You have awesome arms! Damn I want your arms.

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