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  1. Beautiful!!! Walt And I Are Like Wow!!! You Guys Look Wonderful!! How Do You Load Your Video? I Am Lost!!!
  2. Beautiful!!! Walt And I Are Like Wow!!! You Guys Look Wonderful!! How Do You Load Your Video? I Am Lost!!!
  3. Here is the correct link!!! link5...has no space. I hope this helps
  4. share.shutterfly.com/action/welcomesid=0AbtnDdkzat2LjA&emid=sharview&linkid=li nk5
  5. HI LADIES!! I am trying to get my pictures...waiting for my dvd's from JA. The hurricane caused abit of a delay. I hope you like what I could post. Hugs and Love! Shutterfly | Shared pictures not available
  6. I have been watching the news too. I am keeping my fingers crossed and prayers for other traveling to and from Jamaica.
  7. Thanks kristen...it's good to be back.
  8. Lori

    Honeymoon Poll

    Ours is at the same resort: Sandals Dunns River
  9. Hi All: I just returned last night at 12 midnight from the resort. First, I have not been on the site because life and work just got a bit hectic. So, I apologize if I have not been online to support my sisters in the name of love (smile). So here is my review. 8/8-8/16 Over all, the resort gets a 5 PLUS. Plane: Air Jamaica-Smooth ride. They did not show a movie going to Jamaica as promised. Arrival: As expected. Sandal's has a fab room for guests arriving. Once we got refreshments and such we were off to the shuttle. Travel to the resort: The shuttle was nice and air conditioned. The roads were NOT bad. The driver was an older gentleman and very polite. He told us about the history of certain sites and a bit of the economy. There is some last construction to be done, but as others indicated the drivers were not our of control. I think we see more reckless driving here on 76 in Philly or in New York. Of course the driver had to be tipped. So we tipped. It is a poor country so we did. Bring at least 100 in ones it helped us out a lot. We made a less memorable pit stop, but the jerk chicken and snapper was great! Arrival at Sandal's: We were greeted and separated from the men to handle the check in. We were provided with hand towels and champagne. Our rooms were not quite ready, so we were escorted to lunch at one of the many places to eat on the resort. We came back and was escorted to our designated rooms. Now, during this time we were given a mini-tour of the resort. The rooms were spectacular!!! We were met with champagne and chocolate and fruit. My family and I were upgraded to the suites. Nice touch as we brought along 38 guests! Some people upgraded some did not, but ALL rooms were above expectations. Riu was across from the resort, but if you want a resort without the family atmosphere this one is for you. I found this resort quiet, but still fun as there were many games (couple oriented) and theme nights. Food: Great!! The Japanese restaurant was not my favorite, but I still liked the atmosphere. Marco Polo was my favorite and room service!! With concierge service, you can get everything your heart desires. The drinks were outstanding. The favorite among our party were the strawberry daqueries and steel bottoms (Beer with rum). The MEN loved those. The sky was the limit. On our wedding night dinner, we were greeted by the chef he actually made a tasting menu for us, bringing us several items to enjoy throughout the meal. NOTHING was set in stone. Everything I complained about prior to going was a waste of energy.....trust me. BTW...room service every morning for breakfast...HA!!!! Spa/Salon: I give this a 4. My hair was perfect, but the make-up had to be re-done by my sister. The service however, was top notch. Wedding: We selected a Preston Bailey package. Ladies, ladies, ladies....it was more than I expected and you DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. First, the planning went on the day prior and rain was expected, but they made sure our wedding was set up outside covered with the reception with music inside. The decorations were elaborate as the brochure. It was a fairy tale in my opinion. Photography: GET A PROFESSIONAL PLEASE. Our photogapher S. Davis and video person (forgot his name) did a wonderful job on our DVD and the pictures were amazing. Even on a cloudly day, she made us look spectacular. They knew and captured the best of us and our guests. I give them a 5 plus. Overall: We did the Walker's Woods jerk seasoning tour, jet skied, visited Dunn's River, toured Fern Gully, and did all activities on the resort. We met the management team and they made sure that we and our guests enjoyed ourselves. I would go back for sure. Go...it is fun and worth it. The guests ages range from 21-55. Lori Pictures to be uploaded by the weekend!!!!
  10. Clussy thanks ... I am using that quote!!! Jose here I come....
  11. That picture is hott DREA.... I am borrowing your arms for my wedding...hee hee
  12. First...Thanks for the support...HUGS to you all. Second...I wish I could ship them out!! It is too close for that now....I think. Plus they have paid for their trips. Third...I have more stories. This is just the icing. The cake part will be better...trust me. Have you ever had men play the my "D" is bigger game? Well, come to my house and watch the my ring is bigger, I am more of a lady, I have a better job, we live in a better school district game. It is sad. Last, I can truly say that although I have not met any of you personally, I have never felt any negative vibes or cattiness here. I just feel welcomed. I wish I could take all of you with me instead of the wicked BM's and on that note before I start blubbering... I am going to get some ice cream (chocolate) for lunch. Now there!
  13. Once you get engaged, you always have some friends who shy away from you. Either they become extremely busy or they just don't come around like they used too. Since I have become engaged, I noticed that friends and associates have gotten so flakey. The closer I get to my wedding the more pissed off I am becoming at the rudeness and classless acts from BM's and friends. One BM stated that my mother was lazy for hiring a caterer and decorator for our wedding shower. (WTF) One BM still has not gotten her dress from LeLe (the designer) and wants me on the day of my shower, to take her for her fitting. I think not. The same bridesmaid feels that she should not help because she did not volunteer to help. The wedding is less than one month away and this heffa is trying to power play. One BM and childhood friend/alter ego is being a total arrogant tart. She must tell everyone how good her husband is to her and how how much money he makes. If you have to tell people your husband is good to you, maybe he is NOT. One BM is in the wedding with her husband and they need counseling more than we do. This is the same woman who called my mother lazy. Mind you, my mother paid 1/2 of this BM's dress. Everyone has to know about her marital problems including the woman he slept with on the job (TMI). Is it just me? Last week after cussing out BM #2 about her dress, I felt that I made a major mistake by inviting these women to share my day. I should have just had my sister (MOH), friend (Matron OH), and great friend (L) as BM's with no drama. I feel bad that the good BM's have to deal with the nuts I asked to be in this wedding. Maybe I was on bridal overload and wanted everyone I though I liked in this wedding. Quantity is not quality that is for sure and everyone is NOT your friend. People really get petty and envious. I will be glad when this is over. I purchased all BM's engraved ipods with special notes. Where is the gratitude y'all!!!!
  14. THANKS LADIES!!!!!!! I will let you know what I find.
  15. Hi Ladies: My Fiance and I forgot to order hankies for my mother and I want a beautiful one. I live in Glenside, pa (philly). Does anyone know of a place where we can get a hanky...fast? Thanks