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Vdaybride's pashminas are done:) pics~template

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Thanks ladies, yes, I have been a busy bee, but it feels so good to get some items checked off of the list. Time has been moving so quickly, I want all of my last minute items completed before the new year.


All of my ladies will get a pashmina at that price! lol. For the guys, my FI wants a cigar roller, but I am holding out to see how many of his friends plan to travel. They are SLOW with reply cards!

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Originally Posted by barcelo1162010 View Post
Do you know if they have a minimum when buying off their website? Did they have minimum order when you purchased in their store?
I am not sure if they have a minimum, but most stores in this area have a minimum of 12. I picked up 15 for another BDW bride and the cost was 33.75 (2.25 each) hope this helps.

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