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Rehearsal Dinner/Ceremony??

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I was wondering if anyone is doing a rehearsal dinner/ceremony for their DW?


I am having a small group with us (<20) going to Jamaica, FI and I are pretty chill about the wedding and was thinking of taking it as it comes... I was thinking as long as the wedding coordinator from the resort shows us where to go, where to stand, when to be the day before, we should be ok...


What is everyone doing? How does this all work?



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i had no rehearsal for my wedding - it wasn't even an option with Las Caletas really! well, i guess there was a site visit option, but we didn't even do that. we had never even seen our wedding ceremony site until the day of, and the WC just pointed me in the right direction. you should totally be fine.


we did have a "welcome dinner" the night before, but this was at the resort and was just for fun really, had nothing to do with rehearsing the ceremony or anything!

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We have peple coming in on different nights, so we will have a "Welcome Cocktail Reception" each night at the Lobby Bar (except Wed night when they have a Beach BBQ, so we'll meet there instead). That's where I'll hand out OOT bags to the new arrivals and make introductions.

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We are going to have a rehearsal/wedding dinner. The day after the wedding my fi's aunt is throwing us a party at her home in Jamaica. I am totally excited because we visited her home a few years ago and her home is amazing. I can't wait!!!


Then the next day off to our honeymoon ( we still haven't decided where we are going still thinking.....)

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