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  1. Congrats!! I'll be in Punta Cana the same time as you guys!
  2. We are getting married at Paradisus Palma Real in Dominican Republic and then we are heading to the Big Island of hawaii for our HM. I can't wait!!
  3. Has anyone actually been to this resort? I think we will go here for our honeymoon, but wanted some feedback! They just finished (or are about to finish) a multi-million dollar renovation...
  4. We also didn't want to spend our honeymoon time with everyone else, so we will be getting married at Paradisus Palma Real on 5-28-08, and either leaving that night or the next morning to fly to Hawaii for our honeymoon...At least that's the plan right now!
  5. Congrats!!! I'm getting married on the 28th in Punta cana! We picked Paradisus Palma Real...but we'll probably be in Punta cana the same time!
  6. dlou

    HI everyone

    Welcome to the forum! i don't have any info on that specific resort, but i know there are a lot of girls on here that can help you!
  7. dlou

    Anxious Newbie

    welcome to the forum!
  8. dlou

    1/08 El Dorado Bride

    Welcome!!! Your resort looks beautiful!
  9. dlou

    Hi there

    Welcome! It's good to see another Punta Cana bride on here!
  10. Welcome to site and congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  11. we aren't even going to mention the option of staying at another resort. If anyone brings it up we will politely make it clear that they will be responsible for purchasing a day pass. I think they are about $100 at our resort so that could add up really quickly. And I agree that in the end it's really not going to save the guests any money, especially if its a family since they will each have to have a day pass...
  12. dlou


    Congrats! You must be getting excited!
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