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  1. I was wondering does anyone know if they can get their hands on a certain flowers in the Dominican? I'm getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana and i have my heart set on light pink and hot pink gerbera flowers - does nayone know if these can be found in the Dominican? I think i will start looking for silk gerberas just incase! lol
  2. Cait

    Hello to all the newbies!

    Hi, I have been away for 2 weeks and i can see there have been a lot of newbies!! So i wanted to say hello and congratulations to you all (as it would take me forever to reply to each individual post lol) Have fun planning and posting xxx
  3. Cait

    Anxious Newbie

    hehe i love how it took 6 months to chose your dates - i was exactly the same it's so hard! Glad you picked a date now, how exciting i bet you can't wait! Welcome to the forum and congrautlations!
  4. I hope this is under the right section?! lol I wondered is it ok to send "Save the date" intives to guests coming to my wedding? i really want to and i think it'll be a nice keep safe for those coming along...what do you think?
  5. Cait

    Riu Palace (Riviera Maya) ... April '08

    Hi and welcome! Congratulations! I hear the beaches are very beautiful!
  6. Cait

    Dreams Tulum Bride

    Hi and Congratulations! It''s so exciting!
  7. Cait

    Newbie on her way to Jamaica

    Hi and Congratulations, my friend went there for a aholiday and she said it was the best holiday she's ever been on!
  8. Cait

    Hi there

    Hehehe aww thanks everyone x We wanted to book at The Moon Palace in Cancun but family and friends couldn't afford it as it was almost £1,800 per person! lol And we have been to the Dominican 3/4 times and we love it! So we decided to go the the Melia cause we're read lovely reports and the photographs are amazing! I can't wait - thanks for my welcome everyone x
  9. Cait

    Dreams Cancun Bride2B!

    Dreams seems to be very popular lol Congratulations! to the forum!
  10. Cait

    Another Newbie Shout-out!

    Hi, Congratulations! How exciting for you! I bet you can't wait x
  11. Cait


    Hi Cheryl, Congratulations, i'm a Dominican Bride (to be) as well! lol
  12. Cait


    Hi Jen, Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting, i'm sure you'll pick the resort of your dreams!
  13. Cait


    Hi Mariah, welcome to the forum, how exciting i loved the chosing a resort and destination part! Have fun planning!
  14. Cait

    On My Way to Jamaica Mon!

    Congratulations!!! to the forum!
  15. Cait

    Hello Everyone!

    Oh wow - how exciting! not long to go now then! Congratulations