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  1. I removed 115, Donnie Wahlberg - not attractive to me at all. I added Tom Brady; not sure if that's allowed, but I LOVE him. 2. Matt Damon 3. Chace Crawford 4. Taye Diggs 8. Daniel Craig 9. Patrick Dempsey 13. Gerard Butler 15. Will Smith 18. Jake Gyllenhaal 23. Cristiano Ronaldo 24. Ryan Eggold 27. Roger Federer 31. Milo Ventimiglia 37. Michael C. Hall 39. Paul Rudd 43. Gavin Rossdale 45. James Denton 48. Antonio Banderas 50. Viggo Mortensen 55. Pierce Brosnan 60. George Clooney 63. Gael Garcia Bernal 64. Christian Bale 65. Mark Wahlberg 66. David Beckham 72. Robert Pattinson 73. John Krasinski 74. Tyson Beckford 76. Josh Holloway 77. Scott Speedman 78. Josh Lucas 79. Jonny Lee Miller 80. Blair Underwood 81. Blake Shelton 86. Simon Baker 88. Tim Daly 90. Jon Hamm 91. Dominic Cooper 93. Robert Buckley 97. Maksim Chmerkovskiy 101. Andre Balazs 103. Alex Ferrer 105. Juanes 106. Cayetano Rivera Ordonez 107. Ryan Reynolds 108. Nathan Gunn 109. Lewis Hamilton 112. James Franco 113. Joshua Jackson 116. Joey McIntyre 121. Rafael Nadal 124. Rob Marciano 129. Lenny Kravitz 130. James Caviezel 131. LL Cool J 132. Jeremy Piven 133. Morris Chestnut 134. Olivier Martinez 135. Brian Urlacher 136. Tom Brady
  2. OMG, AMAZING is all I have to say. You looked beautiful and the setting was so perfect. I love the rainbow picture. Congrats!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Angel Here is mine with all alterations done. Don't mind the weird look, I was talking to my daughter while she was trying to take the picture. Wow, I LOVE your dress! It looks awesome on you and fits you perfectly. The gathering on the bottom of the dress looks really big in the model pic, it looks much better on you.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by sdtooley Hello and Congratulations! I have just reserved a date at Dreams Tulum for July 31, 2009 and am excited, or should I say was a more excited before I read your review. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself but that there were a lot of unexpected things that didn't go at all as planned. So basically I am taking every advice that you gave and writing it down to make sure I do those things. I noticed that you loved your photographer...where did you find him and was it extremely pricey getting him there and paying for the services (if you don't mind me asking). I am excited to hear back from you and have someone to get advice from. Thanks! Shannon Hi Shannon, Congrats on getting your date picked out. Planning a wedding is so much fun, enjoy the process b/c it is over before you know it. I hope my review didn't scare you too much. Our wedding experience was amazing. I just wanted to point out things that I wish had been different. You lose an element of control with a destination wedding, which can be good and bad. Don't stress over all the details, but have a list of the things that are the most important to you and make sure the wedding planner (not sure if it's still Sandra or if Landy has taken over) understands them. I actually found my photographer on Craigslist. He is a regular on the forum now. His prices were reasonable in my opinion; it really depends on what your budget allows. If you have any specific questions, feel free to send me a private message.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Madbride2009 Thanks for the great review! When you planned your reception dinner were you given the option of a "platinum menu"? Sandra the group sales manager spoke of an upgraded menu due to our signing a rooms contract but the wording is really strange. Did you upgrade to the lobster or stick with the shrimp and steak? Thanks and you really look stunning! Thank you. I believe the platinum is the steak and shrimp, which is what we had. Lobster was an extra $20 or $25 per person, from what I remember. We didn't think it was worth it so we stuck with the shrimp and it was awesome. Everyone loved it.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by cendcar Thank you for the review. I am getting married at Dreams Tulum on October 27th and this definitely helps me with the planning.... I am wondering if there is a specific location where the ceremony can be held that will not blind the couple? Good to know about the cocktail hour, I am going to ask Landy if she can set up some sort of actual bar area so guests can walk up and order drinks. It seems like a lot of people did not do an actual reception at the wedding is this so? I have about 30-40 guests coming to ours so is it a large enough crowd for a dancing reception?3. Laura, your pictures are beautiful! Are you getting to Dreams a few days before the ceremony? I recommend going to the two spots (one by Seaside Grill and the other by El Patio) around the time of your ceremony and seeing which is better. If I had it to do over again, I would've chosed the area by Seaside Grill, it's more private. It's on the opposite side of the beach so I would guess the sun would be a little better there, too. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Good luck with everything!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by cendcar Hi! Question for Laura....Did you pay extra for the "trash the dress" pictures or did they do that as part of the package? Your pictures are fabulous, the one of you looking at the water....WOW I am so amazed! Thanks! Thank you! Jean-Marcus already answered for me, they were part of the package. We worked it out with him ahead of time. I highly recommend doing Trash the Dress pictures. Of all the pictures we have, most of our favorites are from that session. I also of course, highly recommend Jean-Marcus. He is awesome to work with and his work is amazing.
  8. Ana, the dress looking awesome on you! I love it!--but I am a little biased, haha
  9. OMG, AWESOME pictures! Robin did an amazing job!!!
  10. Best - eyes & butt Worst - My oily skin and my big rib cage. I am thin, but proportionally, my waist isn't defined and my rib cage is like too big for my body, so weird
  11. I said not sure. If I was forced to choose, a strip club is way better than a stripper that comes to the house/hotel room. I have heard many stories about what goes on, and it is not something I would be ok with. I totally trust David, but I definitely don't like the idea of strip clubs. Why? -- Who likes the idea of their boyfriend/fiance/husband watching naked women dance around, let alone getting a lap dance from one. It wouldn't be ok if it was at your home and he was by himself (unless you are into that kind of thing, haha) so why is it ok when he's at a bar with his friends? The whole "he's coming home to me thing" is great, but I think if given the choice most (although not all) women would prefer that their husband not go to strip clubs if they weren't worried about coming off as controlling or insecure if they didn't allow it. Luckily David isn't into strip clubs so that makes things easy.
  12. Awesome pics! You looked beautiful and so happy. :)Congratulations!
  13. Thanks, BarefootBride! I can't believe you are getting married in Fiji! I am so jealous!
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