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No bridesmaid or groomsmen by choice

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#21 *Nadine*

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    Posted 09 December 2009 - 01:35 PM

    simba, why do you have to choose b/w two friends? Why not just have both? You dont HAVE to have an even number.
    I think people stress WAY too much about this. It is supposed to be a happy thing. If you want your closest friends with you to celebrate and be a big part of your day then ask them - they will be ecstatic. If you want to not have any then dont have any, but dont stress out about it.
    We each are having 7 and we paid for their attire to be in the wedding since they have enough expenses on their plate with coming to the wedding, but i know alot of girls who still are more than happy to pay for their attire AND their trip. If soemone has a problem then they will decline being in your wedding party.

    #22 latoya1908

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      Posted 11 December 2009 - 10:16 AM

      No wedding party for us either! Who do you all plan to have hold the wedding bands?

      #23 purpleshells

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        Posted 11 December 2009 - 02:19 PM

        ya thats what I havent figured out yet.....prolly our god parents..since im thinking they can read out the sand ceremony

        #24 jennifer769405

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          Posted 11 December 2009 - 08:22 PM

          I went back and forth on this and ended up asking a my a couple of friends and my sister to be in it, but I don't want to make them buy a certain dress or make it difficult....they all seemed like they were waiting for me to ask them and were wondering why I hadn't.

          I wanted them up there with me for support...I'm not the type to like all attention on me, so I thought that would help with my anxiety and make them feel a part of everything! Is it weird if they are not all wearing the same thing? I was thinking about telling them to find something in the color scheme that they love and feel like looks great on them...something that they know they would wear again, and it doesn't have to be formal, a sundress would be fine. But then my fiances mom made a comment about the small details making a difference, so now I'm not sure what I'm going to do

          I'm beginning to wish I would have just kept it the two of us...

          #25 Anthony

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            Posted 13 December 2009 - 10:22 PM

            I am not having any bridesmaids either.

            I want the day to be about me and FH

            #26 mlabbe

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              Posted 04 January 2010 - 12:36 AM

              FI wants to have his 2 best friends stand with him - I on the other hand don't know what to do! I wouldn't have really known which of my friend to ask and now, it looks like probably none of them will be coming to our DW! FI is really set on having GM, and I think that it would make for better pictures to have attendants (and I am picture-obsessed), but it's really stressing me out. I'm at the point where I feel that my options are to either 1) just buy 2 dresses and whoever shows up gets to wear one or 2) have no attendants at all. It's a though one, because either way one of us is disappointed! I need to decide soon too... grrr!

              #27 Pastryqueen_Tanya

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                Posted 04 January 2010 - 04:46 AM

                I really wish we did not have a party, but FI insisted. I say go without. It is about you.

                #28 baj

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                  Posted 04 January 2010 - 11:22 AM

                  feel exactly the same, h2b having son for stand by him, daughter supporting me.

                  #29 purpleshells

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                    Posted 05 January 2010 - 09:44 PM

                    I had previously asked my friend to be my MOH but she turned out to not be a friend...and i had asked my cousin to be a bridemaid....but now the friend that my fiance wants as his best man cannot make it,so we ended up just telling my cousin to keep the dress but that we will not be having any afterall because fiance doesnt want anyone else but the friend who cannot make it and my MOH has disapeared and so it would be weird to just have the cousin and on top of that she cant even be a witness...so...... no wedding party..... cousin isnt mad at all.lol.she got a free dress.lol.... and im soo happy with this decision..no stress about dresses, shoes, jewlery, gifts, etc......best decision we made

                    #30 JuliaGoolia03

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                      Posted 06 January 2010 - 03:45 PM

                      we arent having a wedding party - originally my FH wanted his best friend to be the BM, but once we realized he might not be able to make the trip, we scrapped the whole idea. we also arent sure how many people will be there and didnt want more people standing up front with us than there are sitting in the chairs!

                      i have to say, i was pretty annoyed with how my friends took the news. two of them were writing to each other on facebook about how lame i was for not having bridesmaids. ugh - so i took that to mean i made the right decision. :)

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