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Dominican Republic Excursions!

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#31 Diva

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    Posted 09 March 2010 - 10:35 PM

    Yea the outback safari looks fun, but i don't know if my guests will splurge and pay the $89 PP

    #32 TLC4Rock

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      Posted 09 March 2010 - 10:36 PM

      Originally Posted by cristinimartini
      Here is a question for you guys:

      Do you think of the excursions around the DR would be a good place for a TTD session? Thought about trying something different rather than the traditional pics...

      Any ideas are welcome!!!
      Thank you!! :-)
      I actually was thinking the same! Actually the Outback excursion. Then my FI said that may be a bit distracting. So I'm still brainstorming.

      #33 cristinimartini

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        Posted 09 March 2010 - 11:55 PM

        Originally Posted by TLC4Rock
        I actually was thinking the same! Actually the Outback excursion. Then my FI said that may be a bit distracting. So I'm still brainstorming.
        I was thinking the Island Adventure might be interesting? I'd LOVE to do it on the Outback excursion, but I'm not sure how much down town you'd get to actually take the photos...If it were up to me, I'd do ALL the excursions wearing my dress :-) The only thing stopping me is the fact that I'm only at the resort for 2 full days after my wedding hahaha...

        I'm glad we're thinking the same though!

        #34 jennie

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          Posted 17 March 2010 - 07:48 AM

          My hsband and I had vacationed in DR last year and REALLY enjoyed the zip lining tour. He is very afraid of heights, but wih some winning on my part, I convinced him to do it. Hey, why not do something different? I also got him to go parasailing. Not bad for Mr. im afraid of heights :)
          It was so much fun.

          #35 theend903

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            Posted 25 March 2010 - 03:58 PM

            I emailed the Catamaran tour complany to find out info. This is what they emailed me back:

            -The catamaran fits up to 40 guests.
            -The price per person: 59 US$
            -You can charter your own boat for $1400 for just you and your guests. You can customize what you want to be included as far as food for and extra $8pp. Drinks are already included in the price.The cruise is for 4 hours
            (I think we're going to take our guests on this as a thank you for them travelling so far for our wedding)

            This is their website:
            Viva Colonia Tropical - Sailcatamaran and Snorkel Adventure

            #36 Carish_02

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              Posted 25 March 2010 - 07:05 PM

              Originally Posted by Tait Weddings
              I second the "Outback Safari excursion" it was amazing. You really get to see Dominican life and get a sense of the culture. You ride around in a truck and you don't have to walk or hike at all - you go to several locations. You go to a home, see some farms, then have then have great dinner, relax in some hammocks, go to some local shops. It ends in this amazing swim on the beach. They serve drinks the whole time and it was a ton of fun.

              Outback Safari Adventure Tour in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

              I went to this tour 2 Years ago and it was fantastic!! this outback safari adventure was one of the best tour i've ever done!! My favourite was the boogie boarding!! Can't wait to go back..

              #37 sungoddess_08

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                Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:32 AM

                Wow! I'm glad I came across this thread. I was thinking of sending my FI and his 3 groomsmen on an excursion. I have it narrowed down between the Outback safari (300USD total for the 4 of them) and the 1/2 day Snorkelling and Catamaran tour (59USD per person). Budget wise - the catamaran is better for me, but the Safari has gotten rave reviews!!
                any suggestions? or other tours to recommend?

                #38 foxytv

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                  Posted 15 April 2010 - 01:41 PM

                  The Saona Island excursion was awesome. Wesent our guests on it the day after the wedding (paid for our parents and everyone else paid for themselves - $90 but we negotiated a group rate with the Concierge). DH and I went on the same excursion during our honeymoon. Everyone still raves about it. I HIGHLY recommend it. It was fun and relaxing and allowed you to see a lot of the DR you wouldn't otherwise see.

                  #39 ashleed

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                    Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:06 PM

                    foxytv: Can you think of a great place to do you ttd at ppc? I would love to go to Saona Island but I think it will be a little crazy with my dress on.

                    #40 khomac

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                      Posted 15 April 2010 - 05:47 PM

                      When you book with a tour company, you will meet with your representative the following day at the resort to go over the excursions that are available.

                      Every tour company does things slightly different. Same basic idea, but different locations in the water, on the beach, around the cities, different homes etc.

                      You don't need to book these in advance (unless you are doing a large group maybe?), and you pay for them once you arrive. Prices will vary slightly with different tour companies.

                      I stayed at the Majestic, and booked with westjet vacations (or Hola Tours) Here is the list that they provide.


                      Full Day Excursions

                      Santo Domingo – $79 – Explore the first city of the new world . . . visit many historic monuments; Santa Maria cathedral and the amazing Colonial Zone.

                      Sao±a – $99 – feel the wind in your hair as you experience sailing by catamaran on the Caribbean Sea’s clear aquamarine waters. Return journey by speed boat and swim in the natural swimming pool in the middle of the ocean! A beautiful day of relaxation and scenery.

                      Outback Safari – $85 – Experience the real Dominican Republic! Taste home grown organic coffee and chocolate, meet the people, visit a typical home, see local schools, and villages. Cool down at the secluded Macao beach and try boogie boarding!

                      Dominican Jeep Safari – $99 – Drive your own convertible jeep through the lush country side. Visit a local house, discover the sugar cane fields, sample coffee, and enjoy horseback riding on the beach.

                      Tropical Storm – $89 – Spend an exciting day on board a catamaran, cruising along the coast of Bavaro. Snorkel with tropical fish and corals; swim in a natural pool and try the biggest inflatable slide of the Caribbean!

                      Higuey LaRomana – $85 – Visit the city of Higuey’s impressive cathedral, drive through the sugar cane fields, discover Altos de Chavon – an artist village, and cruise on a paddle boat on the beautiful Chavon River.


                      Half Day Excursions
                      Marinarium – $89 – Experience the unique opportunity of swimming with shark and stingrays! Snorkel on the coral reef, swim in the natural pool, dance meringue with the upbeat crew on the glass-bottom catamaran, and taste the amazing Coco Loco!

                      Reef Explorer – $89 – go at your own pace . . . From this floating island, enjoy snorkelling on the reef, admire the nurse sharks, hold a ray in your arms, take a kayak tour, get a relaxing massage, and sunbathe on the floating mats! Relaxation guaranteed!

                      Outback Safari ½ day – $68 – Escape the resort area for an unforgettable morning of discoveries through the Dominican Republic’s country side! Visit a typical home, coffee and chocolate plantations, a local artisan and boogie board at the Macao beach.

                      Crazy Wheels – $63, $89 – Attention strong sensation lovers! Drive your own four-wheeler through the breathtaking country side! Our path leads you to Macao beach for a refreshing swim in the crystal blue waters!

                      Dolphin Island – $120, $75 – Make your dream come true! Swim and interact with dolphins and/or sea lions in their natural environment off the coast of Bavaro. Get ready for the kiss of a lifetime!

                      Manati Park – $30 – Visit the wonderful landscape of gardens overflowing with animals, orchids, and tropical plants! Anjoy the variety of entertainment: dolphin, sea lion, horse, and parrot shows! For $95 instead of $30 you can swim with the dolphins, entrance fee included.

                      Tropical Storm Sunset – $109 – Relax on a sail catamaran while cruising along the coastline! Snorkle on the coral reefs, watch the sunset in the natural pool and have a lobster dinner at the Jellyfish Restaurant!

                      Gone Fishing – $105 – Enjoy the thrill of catching a blue marlin, white marlin, Dorado, or mahi-mahi! Get your cameras ready as your friends will not believe you without proof!

                      Pat Ranch – $50, $75 – Ride your horse along the turquoise waters of Macao beach! 1 and 2 hour packages available

                      Zip Lines – $89 – Experience the purely exhilarating feeling of flying high above the Dominican Republic’s green mountain side! Ten different lines are awaiting the most adventurous ones!

                      Helidosa – $89, $219 – Discover paradise from a different perspective! Fly over the Clearwater and white sandy beaches of Punta Cana. This tour will leave you breathless!
                      Kelly & Pablo

                      Michael and Phil Steingard are located in Ontario, but travel to Punta Cana quite often during the year. There is a good chance they will be down already during your wedding week, so this will cut travel costs

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