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Any Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Brides out there?

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Yeah I didn't have to put down a deposit either for the free package.  You do have to pay the $400 in fees though in cash when you get there.

Originally Posted by lsmith211 View Post

I confirmed with Beverly that you don't need a deposit if you're going with the free package


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I'm leaving at the End of May and haven't put a deposit down at all.  I am going with the free package and ordering my own flowers and photographer, so not sure if i have to pay a deposit? I'm confused now, after seeing that picture of the wedding on the beach i may change my mind from the gazebo to the beach!


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ok. so I need some help. please tell me how to pm somebody on this? i'd really like to see the menu options. my other half is already asking about a seafood restaurant, something we're both nuts about. he'll be pretty upset if we get the italian I think.


we're making progess. I sent our request finally for Nov 15 after they confirmed the 16th time we wanted was already gone. I contacted the photog in Jamaica and he is recommending 4pm so that's what we'll do. I want sunset pictures as well as daytime, and in November it shouldn't be too hot. I thought I saw somewhere that the resort can steam your dress. I'll go back and look at all my stuff and pas it on if I can find it.

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on another note is anyone else going with a "pay" package? we're looking at the $1100 one. I sort of want some extras, but I'm getting some flack on it. also please help me out with why the free package? is it for the savings or is anyone adding other stuff on by choice?

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 I went with the free package but I added extras such as chair covers and ties. I just wanted the simplicity of it all and it worked because we had a smaller group, only 20 guests.  I got my flowers from the bridesbouquet website, I am not a flower person so these were sufficient.  I am going with the resort photographer, my mother is great at taking pics and we will have some nice ones. I am also getting professionals done when we get back, sort of like an engagement session. I didn't find that for the extra money you got anything really spectacular.

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we're going with the free package, cause when we compared it to the $1100 package there were hardly any differences besides the minister fees - the rest of the stuff didn't matter to us (like more resort photographer pictures cause we are taking our own photographer, flowers, cause I got real-touch flower bouquets etc).  Another reason we switched was because of the cost for additional guests.  We have 54 guests, and with the $1100 package it was $25 per person after the first 24 people.  The free package is $15 per person after the first 16 people.  This will save money on top of the $1100.


We are still adding extras - we are renting the gazebo with a DJ and having our own bar at the reception - to us, it made sense to save $$ on the little things that weren't important, and put it towards things we really wanted.


Here is the menu options right now, but Beverly told me they are subject to change:  The only options for weddings are the italian and the grill:


Dolce Vita


Cream of Tomato and fresh Basil

Spinach Ravioli with Sauce "Boscaila"

Beef Scalloppini with Fungi Sauce Porcini



Minestrone Soup

Neapolitan Penne Rigatto

Seafood Choppino

Panna cotta


Caprese Salad

Cream of Roasted Squash and Thyme

Chicken breast with ricotta, walnuts and bacon - basil - risotto crunch

Profiteroles with Cream and Chocolate Coulis


Garden Grill


Coleslaw Salad

Onion Soup au Gratin with Bread Crouton

Mix Grill

Cheese cake


Caesar salad with chicken

Beef and Vegetable Soup

Snapper with Balsamic Sauce and Tequila Reduction

Lemon pie


Blue Cheese Salad

Mexican Tortilla Soup

Grilled Lamb Chops with Baked Potatoes

Apple crumble

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Hey acw271011,

We're getting a pay package. I forget how much it is, but we went for the middle package.

In regards to the menu options, she said that you can only have one of the two restaurants - the grill or the Italian. She also let me know that you really don't have a choice... you can request one or the other (as I have), but ultimately they'll make the decision super close to the date. Also she told me that they menu is subject to change and I'll only know a few weeks before what the menu will be.

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