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  1. LOL at all of us, I am still having a hard time writing my new name. It's funny because I sign in at work married and at the end of the day I sign out single with my maiden name everyone just laughs. I wouldn't change it for any thing though I am so happy to be married
  2. I am not sure about the vendor fee to be honest but I highly recommend her. Marcia is excellent and was a pleasure to work with she captured all the right moments and she also did a video montage of my photo's and I asked her if she could possibly re do it to my ceremony music and she is redoing the montage for me and is going to upload it on you tube so that I can down load it from there. If that's not great service then I don't know what is I was so happy to hear that she would do that for me as it means a lot to have your own music. Her and her assistant were fabulous and fun they took amazing shoots.Chandyln and Donna Lee also have a very nice repertoire with her as well they speak highly of her and like working with her too.
  3. I agree you'll have enough time to get down there Acw is right you do walk fast LOL. It is freezing today brrrr -9
  4. Okat this may sound stupid but I wasn't given anything to bring home with me that is proof I actually am married. I think Chandlyn sdaid they mail me a certificate but my question is what do i do with it??? Do I have to go to the court house or soemthing to register it here in canada. Thanks again ladies for you answers
  5. Love this pic, of you too. You looked beautiful . we have been on here together for a while. I also met UK welsh mother down there and we had some drinks her lastnight together. It was pretty cool to meet brides I didn't see Miss meliss though.
  6. I also used Micheal and he was great!!!!! I also used another gentleman too named Lance aka " lance romance"
  7. Love Love Love yur pics Acw, I think they are awesome Music- I had mine on my IPOd and we had ceremony songs and then songs after and they played it all perfectly
  8. Thanks Acw it was so much fun I really had the best time of my life, my husband was well worth the wait LOL exquisite 02-The catamaran was 75.00 a person and well worth every penny, you get tot do 3 things and plus your on a boat just don't go when it's windy. monarch- yes floors 3 and up are the best Belledame I have no pics of any of that stuff I think they are just steel chairs. As for children we did not get charged but yuo have to pay for the flight
  9. Hello Ladies So I'm back I was there for two weeks and got married on Nov 22. It was amazing and so beautiful so not great on reviews so here goes. Resort- It is like castle it's so beautiful for pics and there were 31 of us as some guests surprised me. Everyone of my guests loved the resort and the beach. The atmosphere was amazing the resort is so clean and so were our rooms. I was in room 17418 and loved it I could see the pool and the ocean the rooms 3 and up are the best for views. I like where we were because we were close to the pool and the other side was the ocean and nice beach. The pool entertainment was awesome and funny I entered a beer drinking contest and lost LOL. The service was excellent and money can buy anything. They only have powdered milk for the coffee in the room and we were able to buy milk from the staff. we also bought ginger ale and coffee for 15 bucks a bag and 10 dolars for a bottle of rum. Like i said money buys everything. my maid Mauvene was amazing she was so sweet. Food- The food was great and I have some picky eaters and they loved it. There also is a smaller buffet too called th Palmyra and it's alot quieter then the main buffet. The a la cartes were delish I liked all of them and book your reservations as soon as possible or you'll end up eating at like 9 at night if you don't. Also sometimes you can pay the hostess 10 bucks and they sometimes will squeeze you in . There gril lis great I had surf and turf very good they also have a ghood buffet there to for yuor appetizers. The japanese show was great and the food was so tasty make sure you go. The Don Pablo is good too very fancy and whenyou order your soup they come out with a bowl with a tiny potatoe and no soup and your like what the heck some people ate it and then they come out shortly after and pour the soup of your potatoe it was so funny everyone was like what is going on, and the waiter's love the reaction while you look stunned too. The dolce vita was pretty good Iliked it. My dinner for my reception was there and I had the squash and thyme soup mmmmm, the raviloi was great and the chicken and tirmaisu it was all good. wedding- Donnalee is sweet and very helpful at my reception and so is Chandyl. they decorated it perfectly and brought the chair sashes as well. My ceremony was perfect it was liek a dream come true they were a few tiny hiccups but no big deal to me. The minister writes yur names down on his hand and he forgot my sea shell poem but i reminded him and it was all good. I also wanted my flowers tinted blue and that didn't happen either but they were very pretty white orchids and white roses. i really have no complaints to be honest it was amazing. The photographer at the resort Chris with braids was actually very good but I had alrady hired an outside photographer. I will post one of the resorts pics and yu can see for your self. I am not sure about the other resort photographer's but Chris was very good. All in all ladies you cannot go wrong with this resort I had an amazing time and was there for two weeks. I definately recommend the catamaran boat cruise to dunns river falls, snorkeling and the private beach it was spectacular and so fun.
  10. wow thanks everybdy for your answers Also thanks again tekeya for your infomation about the set up and the chairs. I am definately going to ask t have someleft out and I'll tell them that wil put them away if need be becaus enot all of my guests are going to want to stand the whole time. I am going to show my bridemaids how I want my tables set up and my luminaires for the gazebo later just in case. Thanks ladies for all the help. I am hoping to get more time at the gazebo if possible one girl talked abut going in the back and turning the lights back on and I have my own music and I possibly could get the bartender to leave booze. I can't wait I am so tired ad busy but excited. 1 more day of work, 3 days till jamaica, and 6 days till I'm married Nov 22 can't wait
  11. I am so excited I am leaving this saturday woot woot. I have a lot to do started packing this past week-end. Thank-you for your answers about the beer something to consider when I'm down there. I wanted to ask you girls did you do the free trial hair appointment and then did you hide it from your FI or have them take the do back out? I have centre pieces and some stuff I want on the tables like glittery gems and mini umbrella's and orchids willthey set that up for me or do I have to get bridemaids to do it, they said the restaurant opens at 6:00 and my dinner is I think at 6:00 willthey let the girls in before that??? Alsi I have bought luminaires for the gazbo at night with battery operated tea lights will they set that up for me and leave chairs, I have read here before that there were no chairs at the gazebo has any one had experience with this. Thanks ladies I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited now but a tid bit stressed can't wait to finally get down there and have fun and see my family and friends it's so gonna be worth it all LOL Last question how much did you give the coordinator for a tip and did you tip both?
  12. Wow good to know about the marriage certificates, and ACW I ams o lgad you had fun at your AHR good for you. I have hired the bartender but I am secong guessing it due to the cost 649 for the whole group including tax. I was hoping to ask you ladies that did rent the gazebo you said you bought bottles and pop but could you buy beer? Alot of the people going are beer drinkers any help ladies thanks. I am starting to think it's a big waste of money for the bartender what do you think? THANKS LADIES p.s 11 days to go till I'm in Jamaica Mon
  13. Wow Mrs. Johnson your pics are great and sounds like you had a blast. I am so excited 12 days till I'm there and 15 days till I say I do
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