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  1. This is the sand ceremony we used Sand Ceremony Officiant: Bride and Groom now come forth to seal their relationship through the mixing of the sands. Just as two lives together now join to become one, so will the individual sands become one as they are poured. It would be impossible to separate these sands, just as it would be impossible to separate Bride and Groom after today. This covenant is a relationship pledge between two people who love each other heartily and who agree that they will commit themselves to one another throughout their lives.
  2. i got married on a particularly windy day (April 12, 2011) and I would not recommend wearing your hair down or parasols. It made the pics look pretty because my dress and the bm's dresses were swishing in the wind. That being said, because my dress was 3 layers it was an effort to walk because i am a small frame and the wind made the dress seem heavier. I think your hair would be in your face and the parasols would be wrecked if it happened to be windy. But the wind kept us cooler so I was appreciative. best of luck planning !
  3. Just email Chandlyn, book your wedding date and time and she will tell you whether you are eligible.... her email is.... weddingplannerbpjam@bahia-principe.com She will email the forms and the forms explain each package You select the package on these forms and all of your other preferences, I do not have the list of packages, I know for the free pkg it is 16 people and they charge for each additional person and then 5 free photos, champagne in your room, breakfast in bed the next day, free bouquet and boutinnaire for bride and groom. I would review the package, you will choose based on the amount of guests and your preferences. Best of luck !
  4. I just had a free wedding, It was $200 for the legal fees and $150.00extra for getting the pics on a CD. I rented sashes and had 6 extra people at the dinner/wedding, over the 16 ppl so I had to pay this fee. For 22 people with the chair sashes, 83 pics on a CD, the 5 free wedding pics and legal feels it came to about $500 dollars and of course tipped Chandlynn and provided a gift. They threw in the chair covers for ceremony and dinner, Chandlynn told me that soo many people wanted the chair covers they started including them for free. I did not see that the other pkgs were worth it for me but this is a personal choice. I did not like their included bouquets for free. I used mine as the throwaway bouquet. I would recommend bringing silk or ordering some special flowers from Tai Floral or Jan's. Happy planning, I loved every moment of it. Now I am planning our reception for over 100 people back home. And I am still loving it. Just relax and everything will be irie !
  5. I just got married there. I have a few answers. They do not charge for chair covers anymore, just sashes cost extra. I paid for my free wedding by credit card, the cost is all adjusted before the wedding and nothing was charged to my credit card until after the wedding and i had to sign off on it. The minister did not take any money, all paid through chandlyn. The ceremony fees are now $200. Dolce Vita- We had chicken caesar salad, cream of tomato soup, chicken with risotta as our main course, tiramisu for dessert , beware of the chicken with risotta because it states there are walnuts in it but if anyone has a peanut allergy be careful, my mom had an allergic reaction and she is allergic to peanuts. They did substitute a vegetarian menu for our one vegan friend. I have no idea about seconds but i was stuffed because i ate everything plus wedding cake and so was my FI.
  6. I will email anyone pics of the flowers if they want to see them, they are butter yellow roses and are pictured at http://www.thebridesbouquet.com/butterYellowHandtie36.aspx
  7. hi there, i don't think you or i can see it because we are not avid users, i am not sure why but some members depending on their categorization can see them. I would be happy to email the pics to you, just private message me your email please
  8. I brought rose petals and votives from home and used our bouquets as decoration, they did not have vases so bring your own from home
  9. I just wanted to let you gals know I am selling my flowers for $100 CAN plus shipping to your area. I paid around $140 US for them plus $50 shipping from thebridesbouquet.com. I have no use for them now and I do not like to collect things. One thing I forgot to write in my review is how much I did not like the flowers that I saw the brides and bridesmaids carrying, they were small and looked cheap to me. I think they were what the resort was providing. Tai Floral was not in my budget and I am not crafty at all so this was my solution to flowers. Email me if you are interested ! tmmartell@hotmail.com
  10. You have made the right choice, see my review a few pages back !
  11. Good luck Erin, thank god the resort is large, my inlaws were right next door, barely saw them all week. Just breathe and it will all be ok I had a little drama but I just ignosed them for the rest of the week. take care and have fun ! you will be exhausted when you get back. I think I may have slept 30 hours in a week and that early am flight is brutal but sooo worth it because you get there so much earlier !
  12. they cut them off, we kep them and went to the desk the next day for new ones, golden club if you upgraded and regualr fronk desk if you did not upgrade
  13. they cut them off, we kep them and went to the desk the next day for new ones, golden club if you upgraded and regualr fronk desk if you did not upgrade
  14. hi tris, congrats and best of luck on your special day ! The speeches were no problem, we were seated @ 6pm and we had the speeches after the main course, no reservations had started arriving until around 7pm and we had almost completed our dinner. Have a great time, just don't worry and everything will be irie. If you are doing the sand ceremony make sure your fi gets it set up, they left mine at the gazebo in the box, a little embarassing. And our mothers didn't get their flowers so assign that task to one of the guests if you want your parents having corsages or boutinnaires. The wedding cake was just ok, we had tiramisu too so all was good. No one complained about the cake it just wasn't my favorite cake. good luck !
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