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Getting Married @ The Royal, Cancun

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i decided on the same thing...plus i was told if you have it outside it needs to end by 10pm.. have been to the resort? have u seen what the ballrooms look like.. i was sent one picture....but there are more...so i wonder if they all look the same....?please let meknow it would be a great help!

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hey im getting married 11/11.......apparently the royal can rent those sashes for u.but 5 bucks a sash.....also in terms of flowers i have hear that to avoid mix ups and color mistakes its better just to choose from their selction, ive read a few things on that.....hope that helps..... maybe we can exchange emails and info about our plans! and how things are going......so stressful lol.!!





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I just got married there in Novmeber. (it was AMAZING!). FYI- they include white sashes for free. I brought my own tealish blue sashes and they added them to the chairs as well to mix up the colors.  For bouquet, I brought my own as well (real touch) and for the centerpieces, etc. the flowers they used looked good...some were awesome and some were okay, but honestly the day of the wedding I really didn't care about the flowers (and I don't think anyone else did either). Everyone was HAPPY!


We had our ceremony in the gazebo (technically the Gran Caribe's gazebo) and our reception in the villas terrace (was perfect)! The wedding started at 4, we had cocktail hour afterwards and then reception at about 5:30...We had a three hour reception but then extended it one hour on spot (they announced the last song and we were like WHATT!?) :)


Their wedding department definitely needs some work (I was very nervous going into the wedding) but they do deliver. Our wedding was perfect and all of yours will be too! Don't worry! :)


If you have any questions or anything I can help with let me know

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I just got married on 1/21/2011 here is my review, they ruined my special day!


I returned from my wedding at the Gran Caribe Real Chapel & The Royal Cancun reception today. For those of you considering on having a wedding at a real resort I would highly reconsider.   The location is awesome, chapel is beautiful and the reception had to be changed indoors because it started to rain but still was very nicely decorated.


The people there are horrible, I am not sure how this location received a 5 star diamond award. I have traveled all around the world and have been treated better at a 2 star hotel.  The food is excellent at The Royal but all the troubles they cause during this special process makes it not worth my time and money.


1.  From the very beginning I was told certain things by the wedding coordinators in Michigan that later were not fulfilled. At some point they closed down the Michigan location and my account was transferred to someone in Mexico.  Initially, I was happy and upset at the same time. Happy because the new coordinator Ana, was a lot more responsive then my old coordinator Aja but unhappy because many of the initial statements e.g. price, food options, room upgrades were changed and not honored. More sadly was that this unbalance between coordinators continued until I arrived in Cancun.  I was told that I could have 4 of my girls arrive at the resort the day of the wedding to help me get ready and take pictures. Upon arrival I was told that no they could not come to my room but could go to the spa. The day before I inquire about the Spa and they said this was not possible.  The day of my wedding I had to put on my own dress and asked the photographers to help button my dress. 


2.  At check in I asked about the upgrade that was included in my wedding package, initially I was told I could have two upgrades but when I was there they said I could only have one but of course nothing was available the only availability was the presidential suite we agreed to upgrade since I was still thinking that 4 of my girls would be able to come to my suite the day of and get ready.  What really upset me about this issue was that the people at the hotel make it seem like you are lying as if no one said that and they say it with confidence so imagine arriving as a happy bride to be and not only are they not honoring what they said via email but they make you feel that you are a lying!


3.  At check it I was told that we had the room until 6pm the day of check out. I called that morning to ask if we could have dinner at the resort after our 6pm check out. The concierge said that my check out was not at 6pm but 3pm, I was so upset again they failed to stick to their word.  I called my wedding coordinator she looked into it when she called me back she said that I had to be out by 12:30 and 30 minutes past the check out time. I was so furious and asked to speak to the supervisor on site. When I asked if he spoke English he rudely answered, Miss...I speak four languages!... SO SO rude!


4.  The reception inside was ok you can't do anything about the rain but the ballrooms are not well ventilated, it was super hot and nothing could be done.


5.  Most of the time people/wedding party did not know what to do as the coordinator did not do a good job of letting people know what was needed and what to expect. The whole time we were going based on our own assumptions.


6.  We had a welcome dinner the night before the wedding. The food was decent but at the end the supervisors were making faces, looking at each other as we took a couple of pictures. It was sad as we spent over 13,000 dollars on this event you would think they would treat us with a little more respect.


7.  We decided to extend the party for another hour at the end of the night. We had family who traveled as far as NYC and people were having a good time. Well they needed us to pay them the $960 there and then, imagine you have already spent all this $$ and they can't trust you to pay $960???  Since no one was allowed into our room my husband had to run up to our suite to get his card and pay the coordinator! I'm sorry but I think that's RUDE!


It's difficult to make any initial comments there because your event is on these peoples hands but I am so unhappy with them.  I usually stay at the Moon Palace or Dreams resort I wish I would have had my reception at another location where I am always treated with respect.


But I had it at a real resort because of the chapel which is definately beautiful, looking back I wish I would have had the ceremony there and the wedding at a seperate location.




Hope this helps any future real resort brides; make sure you get everything that was promised in writing!!!!

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So.. I just got off tripadvisor checking up on reviews.. has anyone heard of the No Music No Activities rule implemented at the Royal Cancun as of March 20, 2011!!! Because there are a 5 diamond resort now they are not allowed to play music by the pool or pool activities!! Alot of guest are complaining about it due to lack of "excitment" a.k.a boring.. Im concerned about this since most of my guest like to "party" atleast hear music by the pool.... !! What do you guys think about this??? Im a bit upset about this as I love to hear my music by the pool and would feel rude playing my ipod loudly and disturb others..

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those who had beach ceremony/reception meaning on the sand.. did guest complain about heat??? i just dont see  the point of a beach/destination wedding if you have the reception in a ballroom../ unless rain the the cause..besidea my dream and whole point is to have everything on the sand.. . but i dont want to torture guest in the hotness.. I thought it was pleasant.. I traveled in July and didnt find the heat oppresive at all at night.. it was nice and breezy.. just wanted your thuoghts.. Thanks!!

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