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  1. ive stayed at both! trust me the extra few hundred dollars difference for the royal is worth it.. the pool is sooo much nicer, all the rooms are oceanview and the food is better!
  2. im starting to buy stuff too... are u worried about taking vases in your suitcase?? im scared things will break! but i found these awesome name place candles! they are so romantic and a great souviner for guests!!! i also am going to buy some bamboo fans, tie them with ribbon and thank u cards for the ceremony!!!
  3. im getting married nov 2011 at the royal next door! how are u finding the planning?
  4. not many off the cancun hotels have private areas on the beach, there will be people around regardless...however if you choose to get married in the wedding gazebo on the gran caribe side it is more private!
  5. hey im getting married 11/11.......apparently the royal can rent those sashes for u.but 5 bucks a sash.....also in terms of flowers i have hear that to avoid mix ups and color mistakes its better just to choose from their selction, ive read a few things on that.....hope that helps..... maybe we can exchange emails and info about our plans! and how things are going......so stressful lol.!! thanks sofai
  6. i found the SAME thing....... so i went through a travel agent and she blocked 25 rooms for us NO PROBLEM through sunquest, and holiday house!!! hope this helps!!! would love to hear all about your plans...i am having prob at least 60ppm maybe more...my email is sofiavig@hotmail.com maybe we can share some notes!!!! thanks
  7. i decided on the same thing...plus i was told if you have it outside it needs to end by 10pm.. have been to the resort? have u seen what the ballrooms look like.. i was sent one picture....but there are more...so i wonder if they all look the same....?please let meknow it would be a great help!
  8. your probably on your honeymoon or still in mexico right now but i would LOVE to hear a review when u get back, i just booked for nov 2011....what food did u choose?? where did u have the ceremony? which gazebo did u find more private? how was the beach? did u hire a dj? did u see any of the indoor ballrooms? if u had it outside did u have to finish by 10pm? did they enforce that? anything would be great!! THANKS!!! sofia canada 40 people booked so far!
  9. i am looking at having about 60ppl ....nov 2011, just booked!
  10. I am getting Married there November 2011, my wedding coordinator is Denise!! do any of you guys have some guests staying at the Gran Caribe Real? i have a few ppl staying there with kids.. what are you getting charged for a day pass??
  11. does anyone have guests staying at the Gran Caribe Real as well?!?@? how much are you paying for a daypass?
  12. hi i noticed that you said u had 80 guests...im going to have around 60 and im trying to keep costs down.. how much did u find the wedding cost in the end? with private reception and dinner for all your guests??!?! thanks!!!
  13. hey everyone!! just wondering how you guys found the beach at el dorodo .. i have heard things about sandbags! did u find that there were many? were they in the way of swimming?!?!? thanks sofia
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