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May 2010 Brides!

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Thanks girls!!


I am so excited for you both!! Are you girls ready? Listen to all the advice past brides have given you... I kept these little tidbits of info with me the whole time and it helped.


Some not so glamorous advice... I had a bride friend suggest taking some Tylenol PM the night before the wedding to get a good nights rest. I am the epidome of "too excited to sleep" so I took this and got a solid 8 hours of rest and felt fresh and energized all day long on my wedding, some of the best advice I've ever gotten.


Another piece of advice was to not lose track of hubby for too long. I go to parties and social events with him and we basically arrive together and leave together and thats it so remembering to break that habit on my wedding day was something I was so grateful for.


Also, no matter what. Do not worry about ANYONE else except you and your soon to be husband on your wedding day. My wedding day was EXTREMELY stressful leading up to the ceremony. Just sit back, get ready and don't freak out. Don't worry about anyone but yourself all night long and you'll be fine.

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All VERY good advice! thanks A!! Yeah, P & I were just talking last night about how the reception should kind of go. I said I totally don't mind us separating to chat with other people and not sticking by each others' sides the whole time, but that we WILL be dancing every slow song together.


I'm so sorry you were so stressed the day of the wedding! I can empathize since I'm always worried about everyone else. I'll really try to take this piece of advice to heart & just relax! Some champagne should help with that too :P


Di, not too much left to do, what about you?


Still have to finish the vows (Amy I keep thinking of you when I sit down to write them). Also have to wrap the BM jewelry & get their stuff all in one place. I'm stamping craft paper bags with their names on them, then when we get down there I'll throw in all the goodies & put tissue paper on top.


Mail's already set to be on hold, passports are accounted for & travel doc's printed.


Tomorrow I'm getting my ring cleaned, then a wax & pedicure on Thurs. Fri is our legal day and then this weekend we have to pack.


We finished our ceremony and most of our reception music yesterday. Ooh, that reminds me - do you girls have any good music suggestions?

I'll post what we have so far, but I think we need more just in case.

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Here's what we have for the reception (dancing) so far, but I think we need more. This is just under 2 hours. Thoughts?


The One I Love-David Gray

Into the Mystic-Van Morrison

Let's Get It Started -Black Eyed Peas

Just Dance -Lady GaGa

Hey Ya -Outkast

I Know You Want Me/Calle Ocho -Pitbull

December, 1963/Oh What A Night! - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Volare - Gipsy Kings

Can't Help Falling In Love -Elvis Presley

Dancing Queen-Abba

Billie Jean-Michael Jackson

Gold Digger - Kanye West

I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas

It Takes Two -Rob Base

Making Memories Of Us -Keith Urban

Rock Your Body-Justin Timberlake

drop it like its hot - Snoop Dogg

Canned Heat - Jamiroquai

4 Minutes -Madonna/JT

Galvanize (Feat. Q-Tip) -The Chemical Brothers

Have I Told You Lately -Van Morrison

One More Time-Daft Punk

Jerk It Out -The Caesars

Baby Got Back-Sir Mix-A-Lot

Faith -George Michael

L-O-V-E-Nat King Cole

I Get Around and Ro-Tupac Shakur

Thriller -Michael Jackson

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That's definitely a good plan Karen! That's exactly what we did, mingled yet made sure to find each other for slow songs and some fast, a shot and some mustache poloroid pictures together :)


A good strong margarita buzz, tv off and me by myself zoomed me through my vows. They were written in like 10 minutes no joke, 4 paragraphs I cut down to 3 right at the last second. Everyone told me that my vows were amazing and brought everyone to tears... it's amazing what a little alcohol can do to release that inner sap/romantic. :)


You sound ready to go!!


Haha well this is why I freaked wedding day before the ceremony. Friday actually forgot to put sunscreen on my face... I burn especially in that heat and I got to my room to shower and get ready for the rehersal dinner and see my face all burnt. Nose red, forehead red with a nice little white shape of sunglasses over my eyes. I had a freaking meltdown... I started doing my makeup and I had so much different coverup on it started caking so I had to wash my face and start over which made it more red and this is on my wedding day. So my girls took me on the patio, handed me champagne and a cigarette, put a wet cloth on my face and just changed the subject. I calmed down after that and my MOH actually found some green red reducing makeup that saved the day and my face. I just can't believe I did that... oh man, I worked out but wow what a heart attack.

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Oh man that sucks!!! That would be my luck too. Thank god for green makeup!! And clear-headed, quick-thinking bridesmaids! I have no doubt you looked beautiful though - just extra glowy for the big day. wink.gif


Extra sunblock is on my list for tomorrow (and aloe). I'll add some green redness-reducing makeup as well!


Thanks so much, I just pm'd you.

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Congrats to all the ladies who just got married. Those of you with upcoming weddings, good luck! Anyone else feeling nervous? I'm trying to fight a mounting feeling of panic. I just feel like I have so much left to do! Eeeek!

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I actually am feeling pretty good (now, give me some wood to knock on). We've been plugging away so have gotten lots done.

Tonight made sure everything got printed out & organized into folders. Also made a big receipt for most of the OOT bag stuff & put a line at the end stating *These items are for our wedding guests, not for resale* (*Estos artículos son para personas de nuestra boda, no para su reventa*)


No panicking! Just take one day at a time & keep whittling down the list :)



Happy Wedding Day Chantelle! (TillyintheSun) Have a wonderful wonderful day!!

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Karen, we went through 4 bottles of the SPF 70 & 80 spray suntan lotion so make sure you pack a lot. I did my best to avoid getting burnt before the wedding but it is definitely hard down in the Islands.

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