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How do you know if your a$$ stinks?

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God, between the other thread I just saw about the "Go Girl" standing women's urinal thingy, and this monstrosity of epic, DISGUSTING proportions, I don't know WHICH IS WORSE!


OMG, I am with Gossip Girl/Lori....I feel the need to yak right now! The wonders of hot water and a bar of soap should not be overlooked, especially by this woman! Do you think she knows that this completely embarassing pic of her backside is up all over the web? I just can't stop shaking my head in disbelief!

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Originally Posted by Lady_Di View Post
wow, i laughed so hard....i feel bad for her!

how did you find the pics??
I received it in an email. I died laughing so I had to share. It just makes you feel better to know that even when things are rough, at least your ass doesn't stink!

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